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 i-Dentify Yourself

A Yoga i-D invites individuals to practice Yoga, connect with their own body and witness their mind.


A Yoga i-D aims to help individuals find a Living Connection with Yoga that reconnects their inner self and rhythms of their own life, to enhance wellbeing.

It is inspired by the Art of Living and how we constantly evolve and therefore so will our connection with Yoga and ourselves. It respects that we all lead different lives and our bodies are individual. It has the wisdom of knowing that when we reconnect with ourselves, we feel much better! According to the seasons, our needs and our practice changes. A Yoga i-D loves to work with the changing seasons to create harmony with our natural responses to practice Yoga, by creating classes that nourish us during these times. 

It believes that everyone is perfect, just the way they are and it is inspired to reconnect you to that inner self that is sacred. It encourages us to look at the way we live in the world and respond with positive change, complete conscious actions and positive minds. Yoga is a wonderful way to be a part of community and A Yoga i-D encourages this, to live with intention and an openness that welcomes all.

A Yoga i-D works from the principles of Hatha Yoga with fusion,  intelligently sequencing Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing Practices) and Relaxation, that connects the physical body and the mind.

Lucy is a British Wheel of Yoga Trained Teacher, practicing Yoga for over 16 years. She continues to study, advance and attune her Yoga with her own rhythm in the Art of Living.

Come, Yoga and experience your own i-D.



"I think finding the right yoga class can be a really personal thing, and when you discover one that suits you perfectly it's so exciting and inspiring. That's Lucy's class for me, the balance is always exactly right between mind and body. It's also a practise that encourages you to grow without ever letting you feel uncomfortable or pushed unnecessarily. This is the first time I genuinely can't wait for class each week, rather than dragging myself along to one because I think I should. I feel always, totally at ease, supported and surrounded by friendly, happy people. A total balm. Lucy sends out an email the day before class with what we will be focusing on and the ideas and themes we'll be exploring. We read it as a house before we go, it's always really beautiful crafted and puts me in this lovely head frame for the day and the class to follow. Basically, I just cannot sing this class' praises high enough." - Alex

"Lucy's teaching style is really informative and supporting, helping you think about and adjust your position without distracting your focus. I always leave the classes feeling energised and serene." - Richard

"An absolutely wonderful class.  I am finally beginning to feel the connection between my mind, body and soul again which has been absent for some time for me.  Nourishing, challenging, restful, thought provoking and supportive whilst on my current personal journey.  A great class!" - Angeleen

"I love the structure and the vibe of the class so much! So helpful and encouraging and everyone of all abilities are welcome." - Alice

"The flow and meditation aspect combined with the strengthening and stretching is so great. I could listen to Lucy all day." - Natalie

"I had never done Yoga before and Lucy made me feel so capable with her clear instructions of the basics and built me up. Each class flows so nicely from the last, repeating poses so we can progress, yet its so different each week. I love this class so much." - Nicola

"As if it existed in a lucid dream - so perfect. Amazing teacher, open and warm, explains everything so well. Love the mix of techniques." - Stacey

"I come out floating every week. I like the music, the pace and setting intentions before we begin. You are a great teacher with excellent knowledge and compassion. Thanks for your help on my journey to find inner strength." - Emma

"Thankyou so much for the beautiful teachings. Four months of yoga really has transformed by body. Keep working your magic." - Cara







British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Diploma  +500 HOURS

Shiva Rea Embodying the Power of Love - Bhakti Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training +32 HOURS

British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course  + 60 HOURS

BWY Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

BWY Applied Anatomy and Physiology