Life throws things to test you....

Within a week there have been a handful of tragic and heartbreaking incidents and losses within my nearest and dearest community and yet life goes on... the clock keeps ticking, the world keep turning and each day the sun sets and rises once more and life does go on. But how do we simply stop to acknowledge these things and allow ourselves time to sit with our thoughts and emotions to process what just happened and what happens next.... well once again, the answer is simple. We do just that. We sit and we stop.

Earlier, after a long drive back from Scotland the night before I felt tired and sluggish, whilst knowing I had many inspired and motivated tasks to undertake, I couldn't help but feel full with life and as a result what I wanted to do was grab my laptop, zone out with a pot of herbal tea and some sweet treat and do nothing. But instead I made space in my busy mind by reaching for my yoga mat, rolling it out and sitting on it! 

I started to enter my body with ten minutes of some basic Yoga Flow, downward dogs and some gentle twists, getting in sync with my breath and opening the chest, relieving that tension from driving the previous day all around my shoulders, then after a short Savasana relaxation I sat up, closed my eyes and became a witnessed to my thoughts. Letting them come and go, being aware of how incredibly busy my mind was and how much sadness I was carrying for those friends of mine that had been affected by negative things this week and I decided... I could either let this become a stopper on my day, surrender to the desires of becoming a vegetable and respond with sadness in communication with those friends or... I could open my eyes with intention, set some actions of positivity and empower those friends with words of solutions, care and motivation to help them feel uplifted too.

So I share with you a quote that I found today " You can't get to courage, without walking through vulnerability" - Found on Elephant Journal. 

I hope today you find the courage to be vulnerable and rise above what life throws your way.