When life gets full up...

When life gets full up, what with the 'w' word, children falling down like flies with illnesses or maybe your immunity feels like it needs recharging, take time out! 5 or 10 minutes is all you need and it's this simple. 

You will need:
A wall

Yoga Practice:

Put your bottom as close to the wall as you can then simply raise your legs up the wall. That's it!!! Heaven. It sends all the blood rushing and gives you back vital energy. Try some gentle extended exhalations of breath to slow life right down. Some slow arm raises in sync with the breath create a beautiful flow and you can be here for ages, moving dynamically with it or just lie down in complete stillness. If silence is what you need, embrace that or if like me sometimes you like to listen to a piece of your favourite nourishing music... Put it on and zone out with your eyes closed.

For more advanced practitioners try the ultimate Headstand asana and enjoy the complete regeneration of being upside down and still! Bliss. Don't forget to counterpose in an extended Swan.

I did this today while my children were happily amusing themselves and it gave me that extra force of energy I needed to make it through dinner and bedtime.

To really cleanse yourself and empty out, drink plenty of water after practice (with a dash of lemon if you have any is my favourite), avoid sugar and give back to your body-The wonderful vessel that holds your unique spirit deserves to be nourished.

It's the simple things in life that offer us the most benefit.

Enjoy restoring and revitalising your life - Emptying it out and filling it up with peace and new energy.