Illness is a sure sign of the body telling you to stop!

A week of being housebound due to child illnesses and Ive realised how incredibly busy we keep ourselves throughout our day when we are not bound to being indoors. Even through the attention that it draws to the times that you look at your phone or emails etc during the day, it becomes more obvious when your environment is just the same - all day long.

The positive elements though are that you really reserve energy and take notice of the fuel that you give yourself. If you are tired, you rest and if you are hungry and need energy you eat and if like me, just jump on your mat and create energy through doing some form of Yoga practice. It is remarkable how in tune you can become in only a few days and how your appetite becomes rebalanced. Our veg box has nearly depleted already through feeling like munching on lots of raw veg and fruit, smoked tofu, and protein filled veggie breakfasts have been just what the doctor ordered. 

Witnessing and being the observer to my inner struggle however has been even more enlightening. Without a doubt I LOVED Day 1 resting, serving my kids and being more still, Day 2 I felt full of inspiration, Day 3 I started to get a bit of cabin fever, Day 4 I felt like I needed to do something wild and sought out all kinds of destructive ways to meet that need (and failed), Day 5 I felt still the need to be spontaneous and free, Day 6 I woke completely refreshed, content where we were and in a go with the flow pace. Remarkable how we as people allow the mind and the body to dictate. Isn't it also so wonderful that we can change anything whenever we choose to. 

I suggest if like me you experience these highs and lows - MEDITATE. Take some time to sit yourself down and within 10 minutes you may clear your mind, rest your body and feel reenergised. 

Give it a go focusing on the breath flowing in and out rhythmically and ask yourself, how does your body feel?