Colour me in...

Come let me love you. Will you take me as I am? What an incredible phrase. Would you take yourself? 

It is the most joyful and wonderful thing in the world to speak with honesty and truth and to allow compliments to come your way and gracefully accept. Do you offer those to others much? Can you offer one to yourself today for the great and wonderful thing it is to be you, just as you, to take yourself just as you are. I would. Take you. Just as you are. 

Come, practice Yoga today and dedicate your practice to you. The most wonderful human being that you could have wished to have met.

Recently I have been educated more on astronomy and came to find out what my ascendant sign is and my rising. Make any sense to you? Well it still doesn't make total sense to me but I am continuing to learn more. But what I do know and become more aware of each day is how we each have habitual habits that we find a comfortable place to live within or amongst and we also have natural tendencies to be a certain way but a lot of us actually behave the polar opposite and reject what comes more naturally in favour of being different and why that is could be for a number of reasons, upbringing and so on. However, what if this week you were to take a look at each and everyone, or just choose one, of the moments in your life and be a witness to your response, your decision towards it, your judgement perhaps and ask yourself one question, do you deny yourself? 

The point of all this is, dont deny yourself.

Come, love yourself enough to be clear in your communication with yourself and the world around you and respond truthfully to whatever arises in you. That is the ultimate and you may find that you just feel that by doing so, you bring light and colour yourself in a little.

Live, love and peace. Be guided by the light of your own star.