Letting go...

After the season of giving, comes the season of giving up... Letting go.

Tonight as I sit here and read the December 2015 issue of Om Magazine, I am filled with clarity of thought through its pages of insight that seem to be speaking directly to me and I thought that I would collate those thoughts and share them with you to help you on your own personal Healing Journey of Letting Go.

It says the best way is often to disconnect in order to connect. Away from false connections, such as the computer, that make us forget how to really connect to ourself, to listen to how we feel. 

"The moon understands what is meant to be human. Uncertain. Alone. Created by imperfections." - Eleonara Zampatti.

You see, we may all look to the stars for insight but it is important to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Fear means you are alive.

Be imperfect.

Be afraid.

Be vulnerable.

When you understand and accept your vulnerability you discover and embrace your infinite inner strength. I am guilty of never wanting to feel vulnerable but this line of text really makes sense to me and made me say yes!

Reclaim Yourself. 


Trust yourself. 

Without judgement.

Free and independant. 

I choose love. To believe in love.

Offer those things you are choosing to let go of, a place in your heart and then set them free from you.

Be here, in the present moment.

YOGA practice to share from a wonderful teacher of mine this week.

In yoga, why not try holding a simple asana for longer than you usually would and extend your exhalation so you create more energy, keeping a rhythm to your breath like the flow of water and then just let go physically and mentally... be here and now.

To begin, choose an asana, such as Warrior 1 or Triangle, enter the pose steadily taking time to align yourself in to a strong centred place and then breathing in to it, hold it for a few minutes, working with the breath rhythmically and exaggerating the exhalation, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Making sound as you exhale help to let go.

Come out of the pose and let your own physical body hang down safely in a wide legged forward bend, just simply letting go of any controlled breathing, just feeling in to your natural breath. Witnessing the movements of the back of your ribcage expand and contract as you hang down.

Repeat, holding a further two asanas of your choice, coming back to the forward bend release in between.

After 3 varied standing asanas or squats, stand tall in mountain pose and take 5 minutes to meditate, to feel the present moment, be aware of yourself standing on the mat, letting go of any thoughts that come in, letting go of your stomach muscles, soft, steady, strong yet free. Let it all go. 

A simple practice that could be reduced to one asana, forward bend and a meditation to start or finish your day... I hope you come away feeling energised of body and clearer in mind.

Listen to yourself and the sounds around you Yogis.