Say the magic words, say the magic spell...

The primal form of everything. Time Immanent, Time Transcendent.

Tis the night of All Hallows eve, and all is present inside you. Maybe there is much movement, darkness and trauma within, maybe there is stillness and warmth. How does this time make you feel?

Rare and remarkable....

This wonderful existence, the seasons the art of living life in this world of ours never, ever, ever fails to astound me... what a lucky bunch of souls we are to wake up here every day in these bodies. It is rare and remarkable how just being available to the magic that is all around us and within us all, can almost make you begin to feel like you have been cast under a spell. 

If we think of Spirit! Spirits. Spooky at this time of year are the associations with the spirits of the past. But what is the past. The other worlds. Past is associated with Time. What is Time????? All of our ideas and perceptions come from our human consciousness. The Upanishads an ancient vedic text, explores and questions this and offers us many teachings on the subject. In more modern philosophies, such as in Steiner anthroposophy, it discusses the physical basis of spiritual life. It describes that we have the power within our minds and our souls of expressing ourselves in three different worlds.

The world of thinking. The world of feeling. The world of willing.

All forms of human consciousness and activity can be referred to in part to each of these worlds of experience, each very distinct, it says. 


 If we consider this and look at yogic philosophy, beyond this human experience, we may look to the Tantra beliefs.  We might identify aspects of time, soul and imaginative manifestations of life and death, which offers us meaning at this time of year, The Greatest. 

Life can be like the most powerful magic that exists, the dark arts, the light blessings, it casts us lessons everyday. Through the wizard like old souls that abide in our children of this generation we receive our biggest lessons and may often feel as though they are our spirit guides. But as my current mystical, musical love This is the Kit sings... pick yourself up off your rusty dusty! And there you are. 

Rising up. Awoken. Alive.  So incredibly and wonderfully present to taking on these spells, lessons, teachings, offerings, interactions, conversations, encounters, moments of complete devastation and moments of utter ecstasy. And there you are. Again and again. There you are. Living. And so the outside it bashes us in, feel it tugging you and ploughing you flat, then feel it filling your sails, warm on your back!!!! Blessed are others who see and have silence. So won't you hoist at the bucket naturally and allow yourself to be filthy in it all. 

I won't give up, I got stamina I hear you cry in this dark, dark night! 

The divine feminine lives within us all. Within both males and within females. I watched the incredible documentary recommended to me by one of my wonderful teachers entitled The Mask We Live In and it highlighted the need to allow this feminine to be present within us and with that does not bring softness and less power, it brings Life! Shakti!!!!!

This brings us to surely look directly with wide eyes at Tantra and its Goddess known as Kali!!!!!! She is The Devine Female, or Shakti in her most startling manifestation as the goddess. The name is the feminine form of kala meaning 'time', 'death' and 'black', these three connotations all fused together in the symbolism of her, Kali. 

"You see her as black because you are far away from her. Go near and you will find her devoid of all colour." - Ramakrishna, Guru of Swami Vivekananda. 

Black results from the absorption of all colours, whereas white is their copresence. It is In The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, which chronicles the life and teachings of this great nineteenth-century master, we find the following hymn:

In dense darkness, O Mother, They formless beauty sparkles;

Therefore the yogis meditate in a dark mountain cave.

In the lap of boundless dark, on Mahanirvana's wave upborne,

Peace flows serene and inexhaustible.

Taking the form of the Void, in the robe of darkness wrapped,

Who art Thou, Mother, seated alone in the shrine of samadhi?

From the Lotus of Thy fear-scattering Feet flash Thy love's


Thy Sprit-Face shines forth with laughter terrible and loud!

To absorb, devour, or destroy the Universe is one of the terrifying functions of the black goddess. She brings death not just to the individual but to the cosmic egg itself in which individuals, high and low, live out their respective separative lives, over and over again. In the Mahanirvana-Tantra (4.29-31) the goddess is addressed as the supreme yogini because at the end of time she devours the devourer of time himself, Shiva in his form as Mahakala, meaning 'Great Time'. 

Kali has been depicted by many artistic imaginations and each part of her dread-instilling image is symbolic from her wide eyes, to her long tongue that hangs out of her mouth dripping with blood, her human skulled necklace, girdle of hands around her waist, her third eye, four arms (or sometimes more) that hold a served head which itself symbolises the death of the Ego-personality that must precede in liberation and the left hand that holds a bloody sword that cuts all bondage to the world.  The encircling serpents around her ankles, wrists and upper arms are symbols of temporal cycles and arcane knowledge that liberates the initiate from space and time but is dangerous to the uninitiated, says Tantra. The serpants are associated with the Kundalini Shakti, the serpentine psychospirtitual energy residing in the human body as the instrument of bondage and liberation! 









Tantra describes how even with a longing heart and tear-filled eyes, you may invoke her as Kali Ma, asking her for health, wealth, and happiness as well as liberation. 


Samsara is a word used for Time.

Time means change.

In the Maitrayani Upanishad, it speaks of embodied time as the great ocean in which all creatures have their being and are ripened. 

Change can be natural and rhythmic or it can come in an 'SHA - BAM!' abrupt strike. Would you say that in your modern lifestyle you are in touch with your natural somatic cycles and biorhythms? Do you think of time as linear, directed towards past and future or does time consist of repeating cycles?

We chase time.

Do you sit in the present?

Time is a mystery and is a popular theme in the ancient Vedic texts. Tantra came much later, but it is said that Time is 'the highest god'. Not to be confused with Time in a conventional sense, in contrast it is the supreme Reality itself in its life giving, sustaining, and orderly aspect. It is said that the goddess causes change by manifesting as time (kala) and has the power to destroy the universe and lead to liberation, the higher understanding (buddhi) in the hearts of all beings.

On this night of death, lets bring life. 


Lets breathe like the ocean, lets dance with death, lets stand poised like a goddess, lets destroy all that is no longer needed, lets entangle our bodies like a serpent towards liberation and bondage to raise our kundalini, increase our energetic power and create great space for transformation, remove the Ego-personality, and gesture towards that higher understanding. Let time be immanant, let time be transcendent. 

This video below, by the gifted Sia, aesthetically depicts a modern childlike Kali (spirit guide) to me, watch and feel ALIVE! 

See you in class!