Got a heart shaped face...

Have whatever love you want now. Have the life you imagine. 

I am overwhelmed by the absolute abundance of love that I receive from you as my students! As individuals your enthusiasm and connectivity to the offerings I share are phenomenal and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all the faith, love and joy you offer me in return. I love teaching yoga and sharing thoughts with you and yet this goes without saying as the path of life that I choose now to lead does not look (or maybe to some it does) conventional and choices we each make, take various shapes and forms and yet whom says what is right and wrong? As a mother of 2 this is my role to teach this, yet every new teaching I offer my young ones I in fact question where my ideas of right and wrong have actually developed from and who is to say that they are actually correct? For some, you may say its ok to jump on the sofa, eat forbidden fruits (or chocolate) before dinner for example, you know, where have these thoughts come from and for what is right for one, who is to say it is right for another?> Also, will it be forever right for you as each of us change and evolve minute to minute. Everything in life is impermanent and essential I guess, the way that I strive to live life is to live. Moment to moment. Connecting, loving, cherishing and learning truth in every step I take. Sometimes those steps take me to the edge of a cliff and sometimes they take me higher up the mountain, that I begin to taste the freshness of the peak of what it is to live wholeheartedly, free and fulfilled. 

Do you ever get those mornings where you wake without an alarm and your thoughts are so clear, your perspective is clear, you know just what to do but you know that the moment that you open your eyes, the reality and almost the haze and distractions, may detract you from that clear vision and you will begin to walk on the same and safe pathway, knowing the route is wise and secure. What if you kept your eyes closed and were able to go by your feelings and your intuition? Wow.


That is what you would have left essentially was imagination. You know how it is that none of us have ever, even, really, ever, seen what we actually look like, only the reflection. So if you think about that in terms of life, maybe when we have our eyes open, we have never really seen...


Make one choice today that is radical and free. DO IT. Imagine.

Believe in doing. GET OUT. LIVE. Don't stay behind these unnatural closed doors of terrace houses and think that tapping in to the internet means that you have made a connection. You have but what if you stepped outside or kept that door wide open and offered the freeway for things to come and go in your space you live in and that is all around you. What if!?

What I experienced after having my children especially (and maybe it is also to do with getting older) however is that my body is crying out with very different needs now. Once upon a time, I would rush around, eat very little and do yoga twice a day and combined with a positive and vibrant approach to life, i'd rock it. Now... its a very different story. One that most recently took me down the road of chronic fatigue and exhaustion. No amount of normal habits with eating and yoga would cut it. In fact, my yoga has changed too! What it has required is that I close my eyes and STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN. Just like crossing the road, that is exactly what has occurred. I have come to the end of one road and am needing to cross over to another. Its beautiful how we can use symbology of something else to represent just the same thing really. SO maybe that radical thing you do today is to just cross over....

I love that film 'Eat, Pray, Love' - in that I just recalled her coming to a similar realisation at the end. 

So as we move through our yoga practice tonight, lets close our eyes... imagine... what does the road you are needing to cross look like? As Tash sings below, mine in fact feels a little like a jungle. Like I am navigating my way through its wonderous vines and obstacles along the way, susceptible to being the prey as well as the predator at times, but that heavenly light sometimes creeps through the trees and the sounds and smells of each step you take send you flying in to new and brilliant dimensions, that you can sometimes not believe how lucky you are to be treading these steps, yet other times you wonder how you will navigate your way out. 




Identify your needs and arrive on the other side. I'll meet you there.

See you in class all you angels that I feel blessed to have met. 

Namaste beauties.