LOVE!!!!!!!! I hold it not a sin...

A sin.

Where to begin today... 

I hear Radiohead singing the Exit Film lyrics....

From your sleep
The drying of
Your tears
We escape
We escape

And get dressed
Before your father hears us
All hell
Breaks loose

Keep breathing
Don't loose
Your nerve
Keep breathing
I can't do this

Us a song
A song to keep
Us warm
Such a chill
Such a chill

You can laugh
A spineless laugh
We hope your
Rules and wisdom choke you

We are one
In everlasting peace

We hope that you choke
That you choke
We hope that you choke
That you choke
We hope
That you choke
That you choke

I see and I feel those (people) all around me wishing and wondering, many leaving the city on new and far adventures, away from this cold and existing reality, as well as others feeling overwhelmed by this here and now, their changing energy, the love they've found and the loniness that comes in this time too - they question it! 'Where' and 'why' sparkles in their eyes, full of questions. They act as the seeker, the hunter, about to wonder in to new pastures in search of the what? ... The infinite. 

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.”

- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


What is more infinite, we might say, than LOVE? Can love be a sin and might ALL be full of love? Check out the video below by multi talented Bjork created by the wonderful Director Chris Cunningham. I am in Love with this imagery. I connect with the contrast of love being so wonderfully sensual and therefore soft, yet here you see robots, cold and hard, making love...

How powerful a display. One might say that who can control, as we might a robot, when you fall in love. When you have found it, how do you know? Do we fall in love again and again and again. My daughter today asked, "Why is """"" in love?" My reply was, "We are all in love with each other". As the words came out of my mouth I surprised myself and yet, there I spoke the truth and realised I love freely. How we can fall in love wildly and yet, can we distinguish between deep love and that of desire? We might say that Love has themes within it that uncover the depths of it, whether it be the boundless sea, there are indeed infinite possibilities. Yet are we falling in love with others or do we forever continue to keep falling in love with the you, yourself in that moment with the other?


Taking inspiration from Bjork... The brave explorer who is constantly going in to the unknown and bringing back what has been learnt. Mastery and control of her art uncovered and with it, not caring about opinions. I am totally inspired by her FEARLESSNESS this week... be it in art that she expresses it, we all hold the same power to express this as we so wish. It is a changing time of year, with this fleeing culture that has too developed, you might consider, should I join this artform to EXIT.

I ARRIVE back to the starting point, that whether one chooses the here and now, be aware of taking yourself with you and essentially warm, cold, wherever you are, you are you, the mind is still the same one, it comes with you wherever you may be, so the challenge remains constant, to stay present and to find the sensuality in life here. 

Where is 'here'? In Peace. In Freedom.

I began to research who wrote the songs of Bjork to discover much of her work was written, composed and produced by Nellee Hooper, whom is in fact a Bristol born guy (Bristol being the current base of Yoga i-D). Whilst he also worked on music for Soul II Soul and was once a part of a band that transformed in to another Bristol legendary recording artist collective that we know as Massive Attack, both two of my other favourites, I was drawn to his work for the soundtrack of Baz Lurmans Film 'Romeo ad Juliet'!!!! You must know it, right?!!!!! Incredible!!!!!! Remember the initial LOVE scene... (you've felt this?????)

That moment when your eyes first meet

The first kiss



That truth revealed which tears you apart.

"Did my heart love till now - for I never saw true beauty til this night!" - Romeo.

If we consider LOVE and take one of English literatures most well known love stories, Romeo and Juliet... we might consider its themes to unravel our own sense of love and life.

Love being the main theme - Romantic love and passion, violent and ecstatic, power, tragic and doomed, emblematic young lovers. 

But... might we consider its other themes.

Fate and Chance - 'Star -crossed' ... do the stars predetermine the lovers future?

Light and Dark - Light symbolic of 'the natural beauty of young love', seeing each other as light in a surrounding darkness. Romeo describes Juliet as being like the sun, brighter than a torch, a jewel sparkling in the night, and a bright angel among dark clouds.  Juliet describes Romeo as "day in night" and "Whiter than snow upon a raven's back." Contrasting love and hate, youth and age in a metaphoric way. 

Time Both Romeo and Juliet struggle to maintain an imaginary world void of time in the face of the harsh realities that surround them. when Romeo swears his love to Juliet by the moon, she protests "O swear not by the moon, th'inconstant moon, / That monthly changes in her circled orb, / Lest that thy love prove likewise variable." From the very beginning, the lovers are designated as "star-cross'd" referring to an astrological belief associated with time. Stars were thought to control the fates of humanity, and as time passed, stars would move along their course in the sky, also charting the course of human lives below. Romeo speaks of a foreboding he feels in the stars' movements early in the play, and when he learns of Juliet's death, he defies the stars' course for him.

I LOVE these themes and wish to relate them 'naturally' back to YOGA (of course)

Last week, we discussed Time as being a common theme within Yogic Vedic texts, but what about Fate and Chance....

I came across another wonderful blog that recited some great thoughts on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga from Yogi Bhajan and it said...

“Between man and God there are two paths: The path of fate and the path of destiny. Those who will give distance to their destiny shall fall into the path of fate. When you walk on the path of fate, you may feel very happy and be an egomaniac, but when the fatal moment comes–  you will be lost again. When you walk on the path of destiny, it doesn’t matter what distance you cover. When the fatal blow of death comes, you shall be liberated. That is the difference.” –Yogi Bhajan from Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Prosperity

Yogi Bhajan calls it the difference between fate and destiny. Destiny is living according to what the soul took birth to do. It is the deep wisdom within ourselves, constantly illuminating the path before us. Destiny can involve choices that make no sense, risks that we’d rather not take, challenges that make us want to hide under the covers, and opportunities that push us past our limits. Destiny may not always feel safe and secure. But when we live according to destiny, it gives us a profound sense of satisfaction.

Fate, on, the other hand, is what we live when we let the time and space around us dictate our reality. When the pressures of society drown out the voice of the spirit. When other people’s expectations over-ride any sense of self-expectation. Or even just simply when we forget about death – when we forget how temporary and impermanent our time on the earth really is. If we get lost in the belief that we always have tomorrow, then we may let what’s important slip through our fingers.

All this chanting, the religious rituals and religious ceremonies—  the whole life we live— is for that last moment. There comes a moment before death when you are judged in the trinity of you, your destiny, and your fate.  And that judgment is your decision—nobody else’s.”- Yogi Bhajan.

The questions that we may ask ourselves are these... “What did your soul take birth to do?”

If life presented you with everything you could ever wish for tomorrow, would you keep doing what you are doing? Yes? Keep Going. No? Make a change!

Today is your last day on earth, will you die happily and content? Yes. Keep doing what you are doing. No? Do something differently. 


The main teachings conclude... It is all within you. In fact, there is only you. 


Don't run away from love that is found, the kind that makes you light up and become the best of you, yet remember that it is you. The boundless, infinite you that attracts the 'other'. There will always be something, be it two households that despise one another or something else that you might use as a reason to not Sin. To not choose Love. 

My feeling is this...  Kiss wildly, acknowledge when eyes first meet (firstly those of yourself) then continue to make love everyday, either through art or with another, but do it with no regrets, do it with passion, do it with pride, just do it! Be a sinner today!!!! Live your DESTINY! Remember to always love with peace and with freedom.

Lets invite passion, love and infinite possibilities on to our mats this week and move through a practice of Yoga that invites LOVE!!!!! Wake, escape from nothing, hold your wisdom, make your own rules, bring hope, breathe, NOW, everlasting peace, We are one. You are YOU.

Peace Mantra.