FULL MOON shining bright... Taking down the walls.

To my Super Full Moon of seekers. This week, believe it or not, I am going to let you do most of the talking. Eh? In Yoga? Huh?

Yes. I am going to allow you to sit inside yourself and see what it is that is resonating for you tonight. It is another Full Moon and this one is described very beautifully and clearly here.

This full moon stirs up the animal spirits of the heart and awakens the restless search for true fulfillment. In Vedic Astrology, the full moon will illuminate the area of the sky known as Mrigashirsha, (Mriga = deer, shirsha = head).  It is found in the constellation of Orion the hunter and has long been revered as the restless “searching star.” Take a moment to consider what it is you search for, and what gives you a sense of fulfillment.

I feel it every time these beauties come around, in more ways than one, shining its bright light upon us, but how do you feel? What is going on for you? As you may have now, through Yoga and connection with self, grown in so many ways, you may experience that as you sit in the seat of the witness more often, you become aware that at times you become overwhelmed by the constant barrage of thoughts, emotions and sensory inputs that draw upon your consciousness. That possibly, you are looking for a way out from the psyche. We may do this through mastering the art of concentration, before we may move in to Meditation, as we discussed last week. But there is a way of understanding what it is that we do in the mind further and in more of a personal observation, in order to help us to understand our own habits, to help enquire and make some steps towards further growth. 

I've returned to the wonderful book entitled The Untethered Soul this week, where i have enjoyed taking it with me to the bath, in fact, and reading page after page in candlelight, as I take in every word and let it sit with me and see how it makes sense to me. So I have taken a photo of a chapter that includes a allegory of a very special house, and I have attached them here so you may do just the same - read and let the light shine upon each word.

Essentially, what this allegory is describing is how we all create walls for ourselves. Internal walls. We love our walls. We feel safe inside our walls. Within these walls we feel familiar, predictable and in control. The outside world need not affect us, where it is the polar opposite to this safe world we create for ourselves inside our own walls. BUT. 

It became dark and you too were falling in to darkness. You used artificial lights to keep the light within the walls, but this was a lot of effort and light burns out and then, what do you do in complete darkness? When you gained knowledge of the natural light that exists outside, you had got to a point where you could no longer comprehend this kind of everlasting lightness because you had become stuck in only viewing things in relation to the way you were living inside your walls. Let alone consider yourself to step outside and experience this self - luminous light that is constant and even. 

What this highlights is, if we create good situations in life, there is light. If we dont, there is darkness. The house is made of your thoughts and emotions and the walls are made of your psyche. This mental structure when filled with beliefs, opinions, past experiences etc etc block any natural light being able to creep in. This house then becomes your prison. 

You must go past these walls and come to realise that if you see a wall protecting you from eternal darkness, you won't want to go through it. Yet if you see a wall that is blocking the light , you will want to remove the wall!

So, remove the walls! Defending yourself, is most often you defending your walls. The natural flow of life collides with our walls everyday and will want to tear them down. If they then get a crack or a hole, we immediately patch it up again with our thoughts. We decorate our walls with thoughts. At anytime though, you can step outside these very safe and pretty patched up walls and guess what, you may enter the light. You can do this by letting everyday life take down the walls, and simply stop maintaining, supporting and defending your fortress and in fact, just let yourself be more free. This is on a path towards enlightenment (for much of a better word) - True freedom of the psyche, instead of the limited space which you dwell. 

Use this full moon to allow your mind to wander in the field of possibility. Visualizing and speaking your intentions aloud for 2017 has exceptional power right now.

Let the natural light of tonights full moon shine through those cracks of your day and let them begin to warm you, light you up in ways that feel healing and pure and just see, how do you feel? Witness your body entering a state of concentration that begins to detach from the emotions and just bathe in the light instead. Why not?

See you in class for tonights Full Moon practice.

Namaste. x