The splits... that dont involve opening your legs!

Now there is the splits as you and I know them (or know of them, as this is a Yoga blog) when your legs separate and you let gravity pull you down to the floor. Now these are a very advanced asana pose, involving flexibility and strength but...

There are many kinds of splits and not just ones that involve opening your legs!

Those other splits are those in life - those that take place in your mind and force you to open up to your heart. These are both similar in many ways. As we become tired and worn down, often we enter some of our most creative and flexible states of mind, we begin to consider working outside of the norm (often escaping it) and trying to find ways to enter in to things that are out of our comfort zone. It requires effort and dedication to activate change and reach the goals that you begin to set yourself to get out of your 'normal' state of being. This too is what occurs when we as Yogis decide that the usual 'downward facing dog' and 'cat pose' are not fulfilling us enough anymore... we want to challenge ourselves more and begin seeking alternative practices.

Often we then feel split... we feel stubborn, irritated and disturbed often. It's becomes exhausting too! It is hard to give up patterns, states of minds and to feel out of control, but the truth seems to get out anyway. If you pay attention to the information that comes to you, and not be in the wild, wild, west. If you begin to share the truth and dissolve your own boundaries and ideas, information will all come to a head. The splits themselves seem less disconnected and more achievable. 

We have to break out of the fog and have minor victories. And tomorrow, you do the same thing. It is not repeating, it is looking for things that you dont get credit for, be convinced and its your obligation to do it. We are very complex, but we have hope. We continue to move forward... we dont want to become zombies in our life, stagnant and uninspired... lets go! In to ourselves, go with the flow! Feel the split and then work on bringing it all together again. Begin to demonstrate an understanding of yourself and way of thinking and being. 

The common outcome is to cling on to something that makes us feel like we have come back home to ourselves but be aware and cautious of doing this as it is the illusion and in actual fact, the issue is that quite possibly rather than seeking alternatives and feeling split... you must find a wholeness in yourself as maybe its your inner self that is caught up in the same cycle of looking outwards and thinking that you need to make a change whereas do you?

Is it more that what you have done is lost a sense of direction, found new things, developed new sensations and feelings and that maybe you need to find a way to feel comfortable with this incredible awareness that you have gained in your life and use it to inspire a positive alternative direction. The flow in life, as in Yoga, is crucial to the sacred journey that we are all on to achieve that enlightened state of contentment. To allow ourselves to learn, experience, literally feel in to these and bring awareness to how that sits with us, in our bodies, in our minds and ultimately on this path keeping it open and free, honest and true.

If you don't feel split sometimes, you can't be quite living life to its full potential, right? We all have the power to enter whatever place in life that we choose to, as does everyone of us have the ability to work within our own bodies and our thoughts to inspire positive, directed and dedicated motivation and change. The journey that we are on is often unclear, but so long as each of us learns a little in every step that we take, then we are always growing, always students to life and always full of potential.

Live well and be happy people. 

If you feel like learning more, pushing your own boundaries, take inspiration from the splits and just today try an asana for you that feels challenging or out of reach and in baby steps, modifying it to the next level as you feel more confident, strong and clearer of your self, enter in to the pose and be in bliss.

As we begin to enter in to the Fire Monkey Year... my recommended asana is Hero Pose - what a lovely and timely choice. I shall be practicing this and enjoying the bliss it offers me.