Game changing energy (Full moon in Virgo)... anything is possible.

Last Monday it was the Full Moon in Virgo and you may have been feeling its affects, I definitely have! This full moon is all about the climax point of a story that began months, or possibly even years ago.

With this full moon not only does anything go, but anything and everything is possible.

We will be aware how the full moon is a reflection of our hearts, at this time we look more inward and try to make changes or begin searching for what we want. 

During this moon, we are being asked if we really are willing to risk it all in order to have all we’ve always wanted.

One of the most important emotional aspects of this moon is that there is some big cumulating energy here that ties back to whatever was going on in September for each of us???!

Six months of deep change, underneath a seemingly calm surface. The reality of anything is often far different than the way that it looks.  We must open our eyes, as well as our hearts and make a choice as to how we rise up to whatever flow is created.

Much of this is from a wonderful article I stumbled upon and it highlighted how some full moons show us the light of truth and others help to shake us free from worn out patterns, but this moon is not just about changing the rules of the game, but the players too AND how we are being challenged to gamble everything for what we desire, even when there is a lot at stake.

Simply speaking, the rule for this full moon is that there aren’t any. 

The heat gets turned up and we have to decide exactly how this will all end.

Yes, we are at the climax of our story.

The final choice lies within each of us...  whether this will be the ending of a chapter, or the point where the pieces fall into place and we find the courage to take steps into a life that we want.

We may consider that if we can balance our emotions and listen to the truth in our heart, then we may fare on the side of winning whatever battle has been taking place.

The truth has been a war over our hearts. We need to now wallow heavily in the truth for real authentic change to take place, fully absorbing it in to our body and mind.  

Happiness becomes our priority and we welcome it.

This weeks classes will reflect on the changes that have occurred in each of us and work through an empowering practice that aims to bring you in to a place of total fearlessness and freedom. 

Tuesday and Thursday - 19:30-21:00 Matter Wholefoods, Bristol, BS5. First Class only £5! Drop in £7 thereafter or Book a Block of 5 sessions for £30. 


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