A beautiful tapestry is being woven... full of wonder and thanks.

People fly by in the traffic of life... blowing, getting to where you should be going. Day by day, your world fades away waiting to feel all the dreams that say all the good things that you deserve - right?

Well, you could believe the words of Paul Weller or...

You could take the advise if a wise friend of mine and ask yourself, what is it that you actually want and enter the vortex and work it out. Because until you know, can you then start to manifest it - A wise man, I say, and I feel blessed to have that advice offered to me at times and to share it with you. 

Lets find our way out of the Wild, Wild Wood...

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through your traffic to work out what it is that you may like to manifest. Maybe we can make the sun keep shining, even if it's just in our hearts. That may be a start.

Climbing and forever trying... there's no justice, you can however learn to trust and trust yourself. Because do you know what, sometimes a day is bliss and with the blow of the wind, its not. This is the reality of being in the wild, wild wood. We get lost... we live each day as if it was the last but sometimes to live each day with actions that shows yourself love and respect means not always living it through an unbalanced flow. It's about staying in balance without excess of anything, taking shorts moments to not react to lifes emotions or feelings that arise and to witness and reflect. It is almost like reading yesterdays paper telling yesterdays news when you do this. Its over after one simple moment of stillness. 

Sometimes we need to be taken by the hand and led through a new path and be shown something that makes us decide what is it that we want/need. We need to be honest to how the sun shines in our self and lead ourselves through our own inner pathway of self care, with courage and self belief.

Do you feel tired mid afternoon and need a bit of love. Do you know we may reach for another, for food, for a habit that we associate with erasing that emotion but in fact, do you know what, the one thing that is guaranteed to actually balance that feeling, that thought, that moment, is to open the heart in wonder. Why not step on to your mat to do this, turn yourself literally upside down or more simple than that... PAUSE wherever you are, PAUSE and then, give thanks. 

Gratitude and wonder create no excess. If we can add this in to our life as more of a ritual, something we do regularly as part of the day. I find to even light a candle and a scent of something that connects with you surrounding you as you do so can symbolise that pause and shifts this in to a divine rhythm. Affirmations too are wonderful, but its finding the language that is clear to you. I am lucky enough to have wonderful others that also fill me up with these, but you must have belief in those words for the wonderful to manifest. You must live it and take action!

A beautiful tapestry is being woven. We are one of the beautiful colours of thread  being moved by a needle held by something greater than we are. How wonder - ful is that image! 

Visualise what your tapestry looks like and how can you manifest it??  Hold that image in mind, in your heart, with you as you create a divinity - And of corse, a divine yoga practice this week :) 

Affirmation i'd love to share with you this week is one I plucked out once when I was about to begin creating a new tapestry and that was...

"YOU ARE AN AWESOME SHAKTI!" Read and Repeat. And don't ya forget it!!!!!!!

Much love and a very warm Namaste.

See you in class this week folks.