Walk unafraid....

"I'll be clumsy instead."

That feels like you are incapable right? Like a failure. Clumsiness isn't considered to be the best skill you may have acquired in life yet there is something in the art of allowing ourselves to stumble. Celebrate the contradiction and familiarity in this and walk unafraid to fall over and learn to stumble as a way of trying and just seeing how you balance.

This works in Yoga too. 

How is your balance? Are you afraid to stumble - to hold a posture for too long. Do you get embarrassed if you wobble a bit, sway or fall over. Do you know something - that's ok! It is great in fact. What it symbolises is that you are trying at least and the more you keep on stumbling the stronger you will become, until one day you will reach that 'a ha' moment and you will stand tall like a pillar of strength.

Next week, we will look at our balance and how we can hold postures, how we stumble, how we shake and we will embrace this and reach an acceptance for it so we can move freely and build on this vulnerability. Who knows, we may even invert ourselves and see how that feels too. With this thought in mind, see how your week goes by bringing awareness to those times that you feel vulnerable, that you stumble and fall and witness how you can pick yourself up and how great it feels to not enter that fight or flight and actually try, try again and create inner power and strength to walk unafraid. How Wild!



Life begins again, here and now. 


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