A Rolling Stone gathers no moss... Fearlessly find YOUR Love.

You can cultivate devotion and love in many ways.

According to Krishna, the way for the human heart to meet its inner wellspring is to calm strong urges and unproductive emotional attachments. Then devotion—love flooding a quiet mind—can reveal the inner fire of consciousness and immerse our heart in joy. Such a state is the pinnacle of devotional experience. In many areas of India people greet one another by bowing their heads and bringing the palms of their hands together at their heart. Similarly, in the West a sign of prayer is to lower the head and join the palms at the chest. These gestures reflect the belief that it is the heart, not the mind or ego, in which we see ourselves most truly.

Our biggest problem here is our habit of projecting energy outward. When we seek recognition as a holy person or demand love and attention from a teacher, our emotional needs have been projected onto the trappings of spiritual life. The outcome is invariably disappointing. But when we cultivate love, not for what the world sees as glorious, but for the flower of life blossoming in us—then our devotion will surely bear fruit.

Krishna appeals to us to love Love. Still speaking in the first person, he asks that we behave as one who is in love. Unseen and unheard except in the quietness of the soul, he calls:

Give me your mind and give me your heart, give me your offerings and your adoration; and thus with your soul in harmony, and making me your goal supreme, you will in truth come to me. (9:34)

Your beautiful, something i can't be on my own, your a rolling stone and I know, I know.  Make my body clean and bright. Hey, I'm writing to say... Im moving along again. Ill write you when i'm settled and Ill send you my details....  Oh carry me, O hollow wind Oh carry me, i'm a sailor, i'm a solider of humanity. The sun is so fine and you're so kind, Oh carry me, my lover, carry me. 

Its you. It's me.

Above, are the words and the lyrics of an article and of a song that I keep both reading and playing over and over and over again. How powerful it is to love. 

You never quite know when you will fall in love and in love with yourself, over and over again I hope in this lifetime at least. A simple walk out the front door, a class, a road trip, a coffee and a chat can ignite the love in you. So just wait, its coming. The love is all around us. Lets welcome it in. Be open to receiving it. Embrace it when it comes. Have compassion. Have no fear. Love will come and go, but its always there. It lives within you. You are all the love you need. Don't ignore it. Don't hide from it. Let it shine out from within. Let it live and be alive. This Easter time of rebirth and regrowth has felt very powerful, one of those times...

Yoga is about letting go of fear. Experiencing the power of inner peace, of love. 

Magic is a shift in perception.

Today, shift your identity towards wholeness.

Loosen your identity of your faults.

Experience the feeling of freedom it creates.

Watch how opportunities begin to arise.

You generate more acceptance. 

Just as you are.

You begin to Love.

Everything you need to know the answer to is already in your heart, you just need to say yes!

O my beloved,

Kindness of the heart. 

I bow to you.

And, i'm coming home.

So, if you do one thing today.... fall in love with Yoga and the perspective it provides you, all over again! In yoga we elicit fear so we can walk courageously through it. 

IN CLASS THIS WEEK... we will approach Love through Fear!

We will explore meditation that leads us to Love from a place of Fear. Our sequenced asana aims to soften our hardness and resistance from fear and open our hearts. Backbends are believed by Mr Iyengar to help us face our fear, they are demanding with fearlessness and vulnerability, both opening the door to the heart. They pierce the protective shell that we believe keeps us safe and make us face the unknown behind the illusion - so bending backwards we shall do. 

Be fearless and LOVE.

See you on the mat! Look forward to meeting you off the mat after too! 




A Rolling Stone... is a person who likes to move often or is unwilling to settle down in one place or with one person or both. This phrase is based on the old saying "a rolling stone gathers no moss."

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