I am Different.

I am Different. Do you ever tell yourself that. Do you ever feel that. Do you ever therefore tell yourself and feel that so much that you begin to become different. That you get caught up in your own self - story that you are different and that difference becomes the way that you begin to define yourself. It morphs you in to that identity and therefore your ego believes that is who you are.

It is interesting how much I have begun to explore this within myself and of those around me. Most two things in this world are never exactly the same, so we could say that we are all different. No one talks the same, walks the same, eats the same, thinks the same, acts exactly the same yet there are things in others that we can relate to that makes us feel like one of them, makes us a feel like we are likeminded, makes us essentially feel 'normal'. However, what happens when we feel threatened, when these differences that we have become aware of begin to challenge the other status quo and we feel like we are having to begin to define and justify our differences, our identity. 

Well, some of us become defensive, like we are at threat with the other and some of us retreat, hide away find shelter from the enemy that wishes to attack our beliefs and then some of us choose to not react. What?! Not react?!

It is a strange old one to work out whether standing up for who you believe that you are, what your identifications are whether it be interests, or the way you choose to conduct your life and those that you choose to have in it. But somewhere along the path, there are choices. What we must be conscious of is our innate animal instincts and our natural flight or flight stress response that we have within ourselves to make the decisions based on our instincts to react for us. BUT... could it be suggested that if we choose to be content in our differences, to not feel the need to express them strongly, justify them with our knowledge and intelligence or allow anything or anyone to target us and these differences, could we say that is Santosa. That the phrase I am Different actually comes to mean something less questionable and labelling for us, but actually a statement that we become proud of. Never feeling the need to have to explain ourselves because we know who we are and that others are just catching up. 

I wonder.

I am different in more ways than one, but to someone else maybe I am just the same old. 

This weeks class will explore this theme of 'Differences' and 'how do things feel to you individually"  and we will build on a practice that leaves space to feel and identify the differences that can physcially alter when you become witness to it.