"Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be" - Eckhart Tolle

"Magic is alive in the world, Traveller. I intend to share it with you through the secrets of alchemy."

"Like turning lead to gold?"

"Playing with minerals is a mere chemists trick. The alchemy of which I speak can transmute the baser elements of life - the fears, confusion, concerns and difficulties you encounter - into the gold of freedom and clarity, serenity and joy."

The Laws of Spirit.


On and off the mat this week we explore the Divine Will...

Is it possible to 'Reclaim Our Power' through some simple laws of spirit? These simple laws are those that reside in each of us as a vast storehouse of intuitive wisdom. 

You can project your mind into what is known as the past and the future, but you can not live in any moment other than the present. Time is a paradox, we could suggest.

Every journey begins with a single step... but to walk steadily we must find balance. We can explore this externally but we must also bring our awareness to our internal balance. How is yours? By focusing on your breath you may notice that if it is out of balance then so likely are your emotions too. Often we must break out of our comfort zone to find this balance. Balance is not a set point or destination... it's a constant play with opposites. 

As we explore this, we will attempt to find balance between forward and backbends, closed and open twists, inhalation and exhalation, internal rotation and external rotation and so on... all of which are the balance of downward wind (apana) and upward wind (prana). It is said that we practice the subtlety of relationships by keeping the recessive action alive while engaged in the dominant action. 

Apparently, extroverts and coffee drinkers like backbends because they elicit more of an inhalation which is enlivening and creates heat, whilst Herbal tea drinkers prefer forward bends that focus on the exhalation and in effect are calming, cooling and introverted. Which one are you? Try it out and see if you think this is correct. 

.....  it could be said by finding our internal balance again, brings compassion, presence and an awakening of trust in oneself that helps to 'Reclaim Our Power' and through it the divinity of our own will and desire.