Like a Chest of Hidden Gold...Shimmers in the depths below

 We are the Treasures that they hide. 

Now lets Fly! With Power and with Ease to find it within you.

In yoga, this is known as Sthira and Sukha... but how do we have both at the same time?

To move gracefully through life and to be successful you need both and the same applies in Yoga but it is mastering the art, well, that is tricky. Why not look at birds as an example of this. After returning from a very inspired training last weekend where we did just that, this week we will be using birds in flight as our inspiration as we lightly fly through our yoga practice. 

By working progressively through asana with the intention of Sthira (steady and alert) and sukha (comfort and light) we aim to achieve steadiness, alertness and overall comfort. To do this, we must accept ourselves just as we are. We must acknowledge our stiffness and tensions as well as our wandering or spaced out minds, without judgement. 

We create a conscious process by using our breath to become fully involved in our actions.

To Fly we must first prepare for lift off! Then lets see if we can drift over the rainbow and find the golden treasure at the end. 

We will travel all that way together and we may just find... that the gold lives inside of you! 

See you in class tonight!

Tuesday PM Yoga i-D at Matter Wholefoods, BS5. 19:30-21:00