Dance like no-one is watching....

**********I can dance, dance, dance.... The words are written in the air... I was a dancer all along....Words can never make up for what you do.*********


Dance in yoga. Shine light on the dark by stepping lightly... using the breath and an attentiveness to the very moment itself to simply guide you.

Spread joy and consciousness by transmitting movement that lets you freely move your body and ignite passion in to your entire being!

Energise your body, calm your mind and ignite your soul!

Our asana practice this week will become a 'dance of awareness'. Inspired by the Celtic School of Yoga this week... As Yoga Teacher, Musician and Poet Jack Harrison references from the words of WB Yeats, "the dancer becomes the dance". The Celtic School of Yoga asks, How do we create an experience with our desires which empowers and enriches us?

"O body swayed to music, O brightening glance, How can we tell the dancer from the dance." - WB Yeats. 

To dance requires attentiveness and fluidity - the flow of life through the body. Lets practice to develop greater levels of energy and wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

When I dance, actually just dance, I fully arrive uninhibited on that spot where my feet land of the earth and I just move. The thinking goes, the passion flows and I come alive. I breathe, I often smile (a lot) and I become immersed in the whole experience. To listen to your own music, that of the natural world that surrounds us, requires us to tune in (like we do the radio), switch it on, tune it up and listen. In order to be living, we need to breathe, so we connect with our breath alongside listening to our rhythms and then we connect with our cycles... Where are we at, what season are we in, how do we feel??? If we are feeling energised when we head out to party - we jump around and go wild, when we are feeling low in energy, we might sway or maybe we just wish to tap our feet or be still and just listen. The same applies when we dance in Yoga, we of corse dont bust out some dance moves, we work with yoga asana, connecting the flow of breath with our movements that suit each of us individually and where we are at in the here and now.

What a beautiful thing to do I HEAR YOU SAY. And you would be right. To practice anything that is tailored to your needs is to truly be respectful to you and your wellbeing, your soul, your intuitive nature and therefore, come along and see how that feels. You never know, you may find that dancing through life really is the most insane thing we can do - life could be worse eh?

There is no conflict between form and freedom in the asana.