Be like an Open Book AND Restore.

+++Peace+++Protect+++Restore+++ Stillness. Lets embrace this. Be like an open book.

We can feed our soul, our spirits with love, life and laughter and believe you me, that has been my last few days of celebrating my birthday. Such joy and such connectivity with myself and the wonderful community and friends that I am very lucky to have in my present world. But, inbetween the busyness and the fun, there were moments of complete stillness, there was quiet, there was being alone. Continuing on from last weeks idea of giving thanks, this fully resonated with me this week when emotions of all kinds, good and harder arose and by bringing my hands to my heart and redirecting my attention on the uplifting things in life, I was able to give thanks and let go - so powerful!

Silence can be very powerful! Some of us fill those silences with chatter, with activities, avoid it as best we can, whereas why not embrace it. For most of us silence is rare, for some of us silence occurs a lot, we may be alone or feel alone and that silence can possibly seem so loud in those times... How about you take it as its own little entity and you learn to sit with it, in stillness and just be a witness to what occurs. Maybe its not so silent after all when you allow yourself to hear the hustle and bustle outside in the real world or inside your head and then just let it in and let it be. No judgement. It's about being alive. 

As we bring our attention to silence and stillness we can begin to restore. You create peace. You offer yourself protection. You may work with the body in yoga to restore your energy that is rising up within you and give time to focusing on parts of the body that are not so rejuvenated right now and bringing your attention there and working with the breath to do so, you may restore and become more alive in your body. You may also release any feelings within you when you create more space and openness, continue to give thanks and keep that heart wide open to receiving all the wonderful things that are just surrounding you, every dam day. 

We may look to Tara, a well known goddess or figure in many faiths around the World, whom herself is represented in various forms... but as an archetype of our own inner wisdom that we connect with through yoga and stillness. She is an eternal life force that fuels all life through her known traits of compassion and strength, her wisdom and her ability to remove obstacles. In sanskrit known as Star! 

Lets visualise the light entering us all as we move and bring the mind in to a place of peace.

Love takes you where I want to be - home.

See you in class. 

Namaste. x