Use your imagination...don't hide inside yourself.

"Simply you watching the dance of the psyche."  - The untethered soul. 

Do you still believe? What is it to be imaginative? We all imagine... as adults do we still enter that dream state of bliss and can we imagine ourselves living the fantasy? Do we get caught up in our imagination?

 Isn't it wonderful when we allow ourselves to be in that fantastical world through fairytales, immersing ourselves in films can bring those thoughts and feelings of wonder to the forefront and then we enter back in to reality and we stop allowing ourselves to believe in the good inside us all and the wonder that is living. 

The foundations of spiritual growth and personal awakening are very much strengthened by the findings of western science. An underlying energy field forms in to atoms, which then bind together into molecules and ultimately manifest into the entire physical universe. Well, this is happening inside of you too! There is an energy field that lives in you that flows in patterns through your inner being. These create our mental and emotional patterns, our inner drives, desires and instinctual reactions. Heard of Chi, Shakti, Spirit??? Call it what you like.  

Lets imagine ourselves moving to the rhythm of our own true Self - our 'Atman' - The self. Some say this inner being is Pure Love. We enter this world as just that, pure. So lets imagine all our other projections and beliefs of ourselves and of our life are left at the door and that we may use our yoga practice to take us back to this pure state of being... The Individual Manifestation of the Universal Consciousness. This 'Atman' is the part of you that doesn't change. The witness. The part of you that is observing the thinking and the feelings that arise. But detaching from that energy and letting them go.

In yoga, we explore the 5 bodies known as the Pancha Maya Kosha... our food body, our vital force, the thinking mind, the unconscious mind and bliss. Somer of us may never reach our bliss body but through this journey we have our Atman... We may practice Asana, Pranayama and Meditation as a means to discover but you are right there, inside yourself. 

The most primal energy flow is the survival instinct. Through evolution there has always been that struggle to protect oneself, but through our social structures nowadays there isn't the same needs. Here in the west, we are mostly clothed, fed and watered, with shelter and not faced with life threatening dangers, as such. So what's happened to our primal energy? Well, we could suggest that we have adapted towards defending the individual psychology instead of the physiology. So what happens is, we no longer defend against the outside but against ourselves, our own insecurities, fears and destructive behaviour patterns. The need to run away may arise like a frightened animal runs when that instinct of danger occurs. However, we dont run away and hide anymore, we hide inside ourselves! You protect yourself in your own invisible cloak, shield or whatever visualisation you may use to describe it- you just disappear. You!!! That wonderful spirit! Where have you gone????? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Come. Out. 

Imagine you. No longer hiding. See you. Just as you are. No cloak. Visible to the world. 

Lets do it! Summer is coming, let yourself shine bright, honour yourself and feel liberated. Awaken your energy enters rather than closing them down while you hide away. You are beautiful, full of all the elements and essentially you and I, and your next door neighbour are one. Lets celebrate that and hold that thought in our imagination as we move through our practice and essentially life this week. Yoga is living. Yoga is engaging with yourself, your true identity that lives within. 

Forget protecting your heart, be more receptive and sensitive to the energy, fears, whatever comes. Embrace your ego, especially the weak parts of it. Lets aim to regain balance by opening the inner curtains, the windows and doors and set yourself free - then you may grow.

In this weeks practice, we will tune in to our receptivity, sensitivity in breath and asana individual to you and focus on lengthening the spine in every movement we take, to grow and free the flow of energy to create expansiveness. We will stop! Sit in the seat of consciousness and let go.  Let there be just one of you inside of you. Explore the nature and source of your true being.

When someone asks you 'How was your day?', no longer say 'I made it through' or 'I'll survive'.... let me hear you say... 'pure, blooming marvellous'!!!!!!

Lets have some fun.