SUMMER SOLSTICE YOGA CLASS with Mr T's Tea and Raw Cake...

"The sun stands still at its northernmost point as seen from Earth. Its zenith doesn’t yearn north or south, but waits patiently at the Tropic of Cancer before switching directions and heading south again. This is where the word solstice comes from; the Latin solstitium, from sol (sun) and stitium (to stop)"

This week is going to be very special as we are lucky that our TUESDAY PM YOGA i-D class falls on the eve after the Summer Solstice! So as a special treat we will make this one a special ritualistic class, returning to some of the sequences from last week and integrating some solstice juicy vibes too. Plus, if you have no need to rush off afterwards then please join us for some herbal Mr T's Tea and some delicious Raw Cake. 

At Summer Solstice, the sun is at its peak in the northern hemisphere and this Peak of the Light has been celebrated Worldwide for as long as our ancestors history is known. It reflects the abundance of fruits and the fertility of the earth... 

The full moon in June is known for being the best time for many things including harvesting honey - hence being known as 'Honey Moon'( I just found out) AND this years Solstice is even more special as it is not only the longest day but it will be a full moon too!!!! This June moon is also known as the 'Strawberry Moon', being both the best time to pick strawberries as well as being full. The sun will set tonight around 10.30pm and the moon will shine down on us all. What a delicious visual that is. Yoga i-D are big fans of both honey and straweberries, epecially Raw honey and strawberries combined! Yum. Aa Hum... I digress...  

At this time of year, in yoga we may use our meditation to look back over the last 6 months and reflect on what has been and gone, we may look back even to the last 3 months since the powerful Spring Equinox and honour the seed of intention that was planted then and what may have grown up since... (my incredibly connected Shiatsu practitioner last week reminded me of that powerful energy that comes from a tiny seed inside ourselves, that grows up and when it hits a peddle, it works out its new direction and twists and turns, unfazed by this stone to keep on rising up, with subtly and gentleness, yet powerful and with force). It reminds us that life is a journey and we are navigating our way through it, to keep growing with flexibility for the hurdles that come, we maintain our beauty and our strength!!!!! 

I dont know about you, but when I connect back to the earths elements, I feel alive. The sun is one powerful light that never lets us down, every morning it rises and every night it sets, without fail, it is there for us. We may moan here in the UK when we don't see enough of its brightness and its heat, yet its always there for us. Shining, even when those clouds come and dampen its glow. Isn't that just magic! It deserves to be celebrated. So that we shall do together this week... and you can do it at home too.

Why not create a little alter where you like to practice Yoga, either facing the sunrise or the direction of the sunset. Use glowing fabrics in the colours of the sun for your alter to sit on or adorn your body in these colours too. Pick some wild flowers and place them in some water, light a candle to bring fire and remove any darkness and place fruit in the richness of the suns tones, as an offering to a figure you wish to thank, a symbol of your ancestry (or to taste yourself after you have completed a juicy yoga practice). If a bowl of water is placed in the sun, it is felt that the water can become energised by the sun and by drinking it in the afternoon, you will receive the vital energy. The same may be done tonight by taking a moon bath or placing some water in the moonlight and drinking this the next morning. 

This first half of the journey around the sun in Yoga is known as the Uttarayana period. The radiant light at this period can be both activating and depleting, we may be physically weaker with less digestive fire too. With this in mind, Yoga i-D will be facilitating a practice that respects this and gives back to you. 

Lets bring the sun in to our hearts and let it warm us until the next new-moon cycle.