Nylon strung... Open me up - I wanna hold with you, laugh with you...

Who's exploiting who?

Good question eh. Sorry this is a little late being sent out in to the World Wide Web this week but today I find myself in London again. This time I am on a creative journey, working with a pioneer and friend on a 3 week project. So... ladies and gentlemen, I leave you in the very safe and warm hands of Hayley this week. 

As you practice, think about why we make certain decisions in our life and ask yourself, do they serve you? It is important as you step on that treadmill that you make sure that you tred lightly and in a conscious way that gives something back to your spirit. We all need to do things with other motives sometimes, one that we are all familiar with is for money. But that does not mean that your mental state and attitude needs to stay rigidly focused on the limitations that these decisions often seem to present to our souls. No! What is important is that you know your limits, you offer yourself and then you give back to you! 

"Deep listening requires letting go of our internal argument with the world. We must exhaust ourselves of our assumptions" - Mark Nepo.

So tonight - get out of the office, jump on your bike or walk those legs to Matter Wholefoods, BS5 and practice giving back in every possible way - stretch, find strength, align and settle that busy mind. Enjoy living, breathing and taking that time for yourself. 

I will be thinking of you all and will be with you in spirit tonight.

Much love.


Lucy x