Lifting my mind, safe from the streetlights.

"Final stage is to go back to Love, your lost love. Love is my mission. Love is compiled by happiness, strength, and health, if you radiate good energy because you are happy, radiant and strong - that's love. Love is my mission!!!!! BREATHE. IT'S FOR FREE. IT'S LIFE. IT'S GOOD." - Wim Hof.


So here I was this morning - in love with the sun and vibrancy of this place I am spending every day while not with you the past couple of weeks - So, I spontaneously decided to do a little bridge pose for you here at Somerset House in London, outside the magnificent stage set up for the Summer Series events happening all week.

ONLY one week to go and I will be back with you in Bristol!!!! I've missed you all and feel so inspired!

Heres a little poem for you...

It's Chemistry!!!!

No longer want to be stuck by limits

Never set by you/ by me

... stuck in a routine...


Take me/ you

Remove me from it all

I can't stop seeing what I saw. 

Let's go sailing...

Dreams - re-occuring...

Lets try to find a caravan to call our home

... tonight. 

Transcend in the light.


stay open! 

I might be stood here, quite sometime.

Lifting my mind, safe from the streetlights.



Basically Yogi and Yoginis, take yourself to class and open up tonight, create length and twist yourself out of your limits and in to the vast beauty of potential you all have! It is pure LOVE!

Here are some tunes that have inspired me to do just that this week (we all get stuck in our routines and limits - UNDO IT ALL AND FIND YOUR ON TUNING) ...