In the midst of it all...

Isn't it funny how opportunities arise. How people come in to your life, situations change and you can literally step back and witness this all happening without you even playing a huge part in the outcome.

As I find myself still here in London, I'm witnessing, so powerfully, the change in pace, the need for people to be on the go at a hundred miles an hour, like it is going to make a difference to the major outcome of their day if they are one minute delayed in a road block - god forbid. I even had some (far from a gentleman) holla at me for daring to obstruct his path last week. 

However, you know what, it just might! It might affect your life in such a huge way that it could change forever. Wow - how exciting is that thought. So let it happen!!!! Ride with the flow of life and open yourself up to the fact that sometimes, if not every time, things happen just as they are meant to and if you waste energy trying to control the outcome too much, you may just miss the subtle and most beautiful parts where you can see your moment to moment synchronise.

Synchronicity is a powerful wonder in life and what it means, well, you tell me. You can read all about it in many a text. I once enjoyed a great read from a Deepak Chopra book entitled 'Synchro Destiny' as I travelled in ore around Japan, in what feels like another lifetime ago now. Syncronicity actually derives from the word 'chronos' which means 'in time' dont you know :) At the time, I was both open to my experience but also on the mission of travelling that maybe I was unable to see messages as they began to unfold. But timing is indeed a huge factor in so much of life...  

It is associated to coincidence, which is characterized by inexplainable or improbable events. This is what Deepak calls a "conspiracy of improbability." Coincidences present opportunities all around us, as well as connection to the soul and core consciousness. Some tips to tap into synchronicity: See the world as an extension of yourself. See relationships as a mirror. Come from a place of detachment. Have clarity of your intentions. Don't get involved in details. If you experience coincidence, ask yourself what it means. Understand that life is the harmonious interaction of the masculine and feminine. Have a relationship with archetypes. 

How in fact, what makes synchronicity happen is to in fact let life flow, open your eyes wider and allow the wonder to come flooding in to your day, night, hour or split second, that you find yourself being held up at that jam when you are running already 5 minutes late and KABOOM - you hit a curve ball and when you are back on the road again, somehow something shifts!

What has all this got to do with Yoga? What am I even rabbling on about this week. Well, do you know... 

I believe, it is in fact a gift. A gift of one of lifes many Tools given to us all from the power that surrounds us, of the living and breathing life forms that accompany us on this journey. These signs we are offered are signals to allow us to tune in. Switch on! If you focus on the one hundred million moments of memory that you create each and every day you might find you can revisit them and pick some of these things out already. I can name so many of late, moments that have occurred through allowing myself to trust and let life tell me my story rather than being caught up in it, no longer hearing, seeing, feeling.

Come here alone. Often you must do that - come alone in your quest to find the answers to the mysteries of the twists and turns. But for goodness sake, switch on!!!! You switch on your phone, your computer (I'm currently having to work with students in media and they live constantly switched on and ironically still often manage to stay switched on to themselves but... is that the innocence of youth culture - as their eyes naturally still remain open to the endless possibilities of life??). I find it soon beautiful and admirable to observe this unmasked way of being. When they stumble or hit that block, they use it as an opportunity to improve, enhance their experience and develop skills. 

However, my question to you is..... do you switch yourself on enough. 

I had a moment tonight where in most situations if you felt exhausted the thought of doing anything else would be a no BUT.... I paused, found my inner toolbox and turned the Switch on! to re-energise myself. (This came in the form of a long cycle home and some yoga). Then guess what, you can Switch off! You get me?! If you dont switch something on, you cant switch something off.

In yoga, we call these switching on techniques Bandhas... the internal locks. Such as when you master the art of switching life on, when the art of Bandhas is mastered, you master Yoga. As I ALWAYS SAY - ITS ABOUT CONNECTION!!!!! The bandhas are a tool, if you like, that helps you to regulate and control your internal systems. They help you to master the practice of yoga, the movement in and out of postures, the holds for longer periods of time, the progression in to your positions, as well as the single pointed concentration, the steadiness and lenthening of the breath, calming and clarity of the mind. Hormonal, sexual, metabolic, digestive internal systems all begin to function more effectively. Essential outcomes to reach in your physical and psychological self, if you wish to reach life and yoga at its full capacity. So we basically STOP! the flow of energy to a particular area of the body and create a block! Huh - what happens then?>>>

Well,,,,,,,, this is the good bit.... when the bandha is released, the unthinkable happens...... this causes the energy to flood more strongly through the body with increased pressure. O yes!

  • As the Bandhas momentarily stop the flow of blood, there is an increased flow of fresh blood with the release of the Bandha, which flushes away old, dead cells. In this way all the organs are strengthened, renewed and rejuvenated and circulation is improved. 

  • Bandhas are also beneficial for the brain centres, the Nadis and the Chakras. The energy channels are purified, blockages released and the exchange of energy is improved. Bandhas alleviate stress and mental restlessness and bring about inner harmony and balance.

 Phew!!!! Powerful stuff. I just love it! And you know why, I love it because however you look at it - this is life. We must switch on AND both STOP and let that road block on our way to work give us something back in return, re-energise us and open us up to the heart of living. Those blissful synchronised moments are sure to follow and you will never regret letting them in!!!!

As you can see in the picture of Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand). Jalandhara Bandha is used here to regulate the flow of energy (Prana), to the heart, throat and head.

 Inverted asanas turn the flame of agni toward this waste, enabling us to burn it off more efficiently. Inverting is beneficial in and of itself, but you should focus on your exhalation because the cleansing is most effective when the exhalation is longer than the inhalation.

Then what happens after, you may relax! Tune in and witness the effects. What occurs?????

However..... NO amount of knowledge, analysis and explanation can ever replace the experience of self - inquiry and rejuvenation that results from practice.... 

So go Yogi and Yoginis... I invite you to join Travis in my absence on Tuesday night and explore the heart connection that allows all this to take place. You may even do a little Bandha

Missing you all.