Follow the Sun and Face your Fears...

Riding these waves feeling high and low.

Where we gonna go, I dont even know?

The sun is shining and spirits are high. Check in with yourself - how do you feel? We can tend to take on more things over the summer and during this time kids are on summer holidays (parents hola if you are feeling that extra additional need), you may be taking vacation (phew), you may wish to be outside rather than being stuck in the office, you wanna socialise more and stay up later but then money and lethargy become additional things you are contending with... You may connect with one or many of these things.... What happens to your communication when life gets a bit full up? Well, you may get over whelmed and become disconnected with how you are doing it all and may begin to feel a bit challenged. Its ok, because we all reach these points and a very wise sage named Patanjali recognised the ways of the world and developed some very useful codes of conduct that we may reference to help us to live in this 24/7 way of life. Even though it is thought that these were written over 1,700 years ago... we as humans still need them as they are the foundation to meeting our needs and challenges, even as the world around us changes.

These are known to be a part of a classical text written by Patanjali called the Yoga Sutras and are one limb of the 8-limbed Path that we may take steps through to meet our highest state of true self. We call them The Yamas.

The first Yama is called 'Ahimsa' meaning Non - violence. Violence rings alarm bells in most peoples ears and they think of the extreme cases of violence. But how would you feel if I told you that we are all violent in one way or another every day? It's mostly true. It's often to ourselves but may also be towards others. We get these moments of violent communication when we feel overwhelmed, as it is likely to occur when our energy rises up and expands inside ourselves with no where else to go but outwards. The psyche too plays a big part in the 'poor me' story that we develop and we begin to judge and critizise ourselves in these moments.

Wouldn't it be incredible if we could just stop doing that!??? Well, in Yoga you can. You may use the wonderful codes of this particular Yama to become the Witness to these thoughts and feelings and draw attention to them and then not be violent. Detach from them and just be aware its happening. Wow! Powerful stuff and easier said than done? Not really. Combined with returning the minds focus to your breath and using some heart opening asana practice too, you free yourself. The root of it all is FEAR! If you take time to acknowledge your own fears you will realise that living inside us all there are some, we may begin to try to control our lives and others, simply to avoid it. But why not just face it. Face your fears, dont run from them, dont judge, blame and critizise and suppress them, as like a thorn in the heart when disturbed they will only hurt you and your response will return to lashing out in pain.

Tonights practice we will address fear by finding yours, and using breath and movement to help open the heart and face the fears in backbends, balancing and harmonious practice. 

I look forward to sharing and facing it together. What a brighter life you may create when courage becomes the leading force. 

A Song to uplift you (offered to me by one of my most dedicated student practitioners of Yoga i-D - thank you to her for sharing!):

Follow the sun and which way the wind blows when this day is done and breathe in the air, set your intention. Tomorrows a new day for everyone!!!!