Choices... Are we on a journey?

In life we have many choices and they have a funny way of changing everything depending on what choice you make. But does that mean that Life is a journey? This film made me ask the question as I went from watching one film named Choices by Nicolas Sparks to this... Short film based on the words of Alan Watts

I would love to hear what you think?

The journey, the choice, the place where we are right now. The present moment. Connect with you in order to make the best choices for you today. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Be thankful for what you have. The world breaks most of us at some point, so pick up the pieces and begin to put yourself back together again. Unlike the Kings Horses and Men - you can do it, over time you heal grow and you find that wholeness again. With Love and compassion, Yoga teaches us how to be in the world. How do you wish to be in the world? Jivamukti Yoga states how no matter what Yoga practice you delve in to, whether it be physical or meditation... the intention towards self - realization must be clear. Union with the divine self, reintegrating the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga. And along side that, its you, your choices. Respecting the mother (this earth) and trying to be the best human you can be when on it is Yoga. 

If music is the comparitive as Alan Watts suggests, lets create a complimentary dance that connects with our spirit, not aiming for the place on the dance floor like it states in the film, but that lets our movements connect with our breath and the unity and flavour you sense in to the music to arise and move you. Our heart and our soul, uninhibited joy that allows sorrow to pass through us whilst staying connected.

We could suggest that if we are not necessarily on a 'journey' then it may be that it's the way in which you approach life through your attitude/ spirit that is the essential foundation and the choices you make simply connect the dots.

We may look at the archetype of the Warrior. In yoga, there are a few warrior asanas and within these they symbolise strength, courage, balance, poise - excellent traits for moving through life, that may or may not be a journey but needs some skills to live within. To apply these characteristics seems like an excellent choice to me. Be aware to sometimes take off your amour however and let go.

So as we move through a practice in class this evening, we will choose to visit the warriors, feel in to their qualities, whilst allowing the music to flow and the dance of self discovery to begin.

See you there.