If I had wings... i'd fly to the sounds of summer and simplicity.


I had no wings literally (but in my spirit they were expansive). I had the pleasure to immerse myself in music in a field with wonderful people, costumes and a huge sense of togetherness this last week, as we discussed in last weeks post of this medium having the power to open the heart - it did! In the dark of one night walking from the enchanted woods to the mystical dome of folk and fine treats, I discovered the captivating Bush Gothic, instantly inspired by her storytelling of the women from the Victorian period, and convict women using only letters to tell their own stories and how writing this way was their only solace in life. This of corse was married with her incredible violin playing that reminded me that nothing great ever comes to us without dedication and intention... so this week I have compiled some of my personal favourite songs from the past week, both new and old for you to click through and become inspired yourself...

Bush Gothic 


Sages Comme Des Sauvages 

Clap Clap 

Ushti Baba 

Nicolas Jarr

Damien Rice

Nightmares on Wax

Anoushka Shankar

Shankar Tucker

In class this week (on Tuesday, for those of you that were still slumped in your post festival zone) we focused on our digestive system. During this post festival summer season, we act out our desires and we consume more, and give more to ourselves in so many ways from the carnage of festivals to the beauty they also bring in letting go, but often not in a way that our body thanks us for after.

In yoga, we may resume an approach that strips back our desires and alters our focus to a much more tuned in bodily awareness. We may do this through actively consuming less (i opted for a day of fasting when I returned and it worked wonders) and significantly slowing down firstly. Secondly, we may work with the breath to bring the attention to the natural flow (how do we actually feel??? Be the witness!) and then work with your breath as a super fine tuning tool in your box and breathe in to the area of the belly to activate and begin to restore the energy needed here (after packing down my tent I took ten to lie down in the field to do just this and when I opened my eyes and took my next step to exit the festival I had not only calmed my nervous system but I gave back to myself that energy reserve that was needed to make my journey back to Bristol). Finally in our movements, using some twists and complimentary opening postures that help to both remove toxins and create space for new energy to circulate the body (working in a vinyasa style to also get your heart rate pumping), you may begin to reignite the fire needed, in an ignited practice.

What better way to apply all of the above, than by listening to some heart opening tunes! Enjoy x