Summer of love... the potential is here.

To quote the "Council of Light of 1967-2017", "We call upon the world to celebrate the infinite holiness of Life."

It's summer.... Come flower children...  love yourself in tonights practice and celebrate being here and now.

Whilst re- reading about the Kleshas - I realised that myself and others that I know live through these and how powerful they are to contextualise what we all say and do at times. The most recent one that resonated with me was that of Aversion -knowing when you have so much to get done but when you find every reason under this summer sun to not do it! 

I invite you to awaken to your potential for change.

A personal crisis can be a gift on the path to spiritual maturity. Learn to accept this gift, and you’ll feel reborn, says a little Yoga article I was browsing.

I agree in fact, that life challenges bring opportunities to re-access the path you are on, to grow and to make change.

CHANGE! You may have all heard the words 'You've changed' and all that I can say is that I hope you have! Resistance to change is powerful stuff, stuff that's likely to make most stuck in their ways and stubborn beings run a mile in the opposite direction. We get caught up in the mode of habits and identity - but come on, i-D.... it's a thought you hold and detachment from it is possible - if you are willing to change. The first step is identifying what needs to alter. Then it's surrendering to the new and possible long road ahead.

Here's the hard part - expectation. Forget that. You must not have any of yourselves or others but only hold on to potential and then let it shine. 

I believe that you are an extraordinary traveller!

As in Yoga asana practice, we make transitions from one pose to another - we do that on the spiritual path too. These transitions beware can leave you feeling neither here nor there. You have made a change and you can no longer identify with yourself and put yourself in any kind of box. Don't give up. This is a transitional moment as the word means and following these feelings of fear and uncertainty arises the flow of life.... it keeps moving, as do you and slow down.

 The mission during spiritual initiations is to slow down and look straight into your soul, and to root out the kleshas, the afflictions of spiritual ignorance that can block your progress.

 The klesha called asmita is a disruption of the ego, or sense of I am.... a tendency to cling to old definitions of the self: the lover, the boss, the provider, the eccentric one, the paranoid one, the happy one..... You can keep moving... however, maybe your yoga practice may wish to become more grounding and internally reflective. Counter the instability you may feel in this initiation by centring yourself using pranayama (breath control), be aware on the inhale of going deeper and connected with that inner self and on the exhale bringing awareness to the space around you and its potential. Imagine they are a thread that connects and is endless to the possibilities of you in this universe.

Thread your way to new beginnings and positive outcomes this summer.