A knot too tight... I've got space in.

Stuck in the monkey mind. 

So this time last year... this song was so powerful for me  for many reasons not needing to be shared. What it symbolised was acceptance, transformation and new beginnings. 

The ongoing theme this week seems to be about nourishing ourselves in a way that is right for us. It is about letting go of corse in Autumn and that includes many things in order to nourish and be true to yourself and your needs that will conserve energy and bring a total sense of rest and peace in your heart. It also promotes good health, kindness to the self and allows space.


At these changing times we need to make space however to allow for growth, to allow for clarity and to allow for nothingness. Where there is space, you can breathe deeper, think less intensely and there is room for opportunity. All things important for us living beings, especially in todays testing, over scheduled, fast paced and consumed times to survive in mostly. Do something today that excites you and that also offers you time to restore and make these decisions to let something go, make some changes and focus on what is good for you.

Heres a wonderful song from one of my fav bands that I play whilst wondering in this Autumn weather, contemplating my changes this season. I first discovered this band last autumn in London Fields, Broadway Market, playing on the streets while I then was doing much the same contemplating, in my old stomping ground. Their music screamed 'TIME FOR CHANGE' and from that moment, I did a lot of that. 

Embrace change and the seasons and connect back to your heart and making space both inward and outward.

I leave you in the hands of a nurturing spirit and class continues as always.