Why dont you be you and ill be me....

Getting high.

How wonderful is that.

Feeling Judged?

Am I talking about drugs? 

Uh - A - ummmmmmm...

No. I am talking about the Placebo affect. Did you know how possible this is to believe that you can get high by just being you. It is a wonderful thing when you are offered the opportunity to let it all slide and just let it be. Why dont you be you and ill be me sings James Bay. Sound advice. But this is less about melancholy dramas and much more about empowerment. Not only is the feeling of being so content and high on life so wonderful, that moment where all you have is gratitude, but its the after effects too. Its that writing on the side of a bottle of pharmaceutical medicine that you trust so much - but guess what - trust these words, trust yourself and realise that every experience that you have is an opener for new felt energies that can carry you for days.  After tragedy people say that 'time is a healer'. Tis true, as the time passes by life seems lighter, but I read recently that in fact, its the experiences that you have gained in between that play the bigger part. I am still making my way through the wonderful 'Women Who Run With Wolves' - it is still blowing my mind and in fact, every time I seem to read another story it is like it has landed in my lap at the most perfect moment (if there is such a thing). If something has died - have you actually let it die? If you are alive, are you truly living?! Ask yourself these questions. Then say YES to the next opportunity that sparks something of intrigue or excitement in you - LIVE. If the idea of something dying made you feel sad or anxious, have you truly said goodbye to it. It could be a past relationship, a job, a conversation that was uncomfortable once upon a time, are you still holding on. If so, why? Can you set it free, finally. How will it feel to you to feel free and fully alive?! Sounds pretty darn marvellous doesn't it.

I guess what all this is saying is that in Yoga, we have the tools to help us do all of this. Do you know what Yoga does to the mind and body, different to a lot of drugs on offer that may seem to give you that same Placebo... It helps you enter your parasynthetic nervous system. That absolutely incredible internal system that brings us right back to our true sense of self and calm. Not only do you feel so at ease, you feel clarity, you feel strong, you feel simply - YOU.

I INVITE YOU TO BE YOU AND ME TO BE ME ON THE MAT, as we move through practice that takes us to a high place and brings us that sense of calm and stillness at the end. The results will be increased energy and if you are anything like me, you will indeed get all those things you have been meaning to do for so long, completed in half the time you have allocated in your head. The attachment to perfection will go and your acceptance to everything may just be the most open you could wish for. Simply by getting HIGH just as you are. Physical and emotional pain, can be a doorway to Ecstasy!


Step out of the idea of putting something in your body to feel it and in to the idea of feeling in to your body to get so much more out of it. The rewards are so worth it. Its funny, as my mantra this week on Yoga has been what a student recently said to a fellow teacher, which was this... "When I go to exercise classes, I feel it the next day. When I don't come to Yoga class one week, I really feel it all week." The joy of coming, is the joy it brings of that everlasting feeling of uplifting calm. 

Cultivate the highest good now. Human life is extraordinarily precious and serves as a platform to live in complete truth for Self - realization. 

As Tantra says "It endows us with sufficient self-awareness to reflect on our existence and thereby give us valuable options in life." 

A fundamental choice is to go beyond unconscious behaviour patterns by which life seems to perpetuate itself. Choose to grow more conscious of the forces both pushing and pulling and become capable of shaping your destiny! Identity with the Self (Atman) rather than the diverse displays of the body-mind.  This, like most things, requires spiritual discipline (Yoga being one). The mind must point beyond itself to burst through its limitations by merely with a higher principle. 

I happened to stumble upon this trailer tonight. I love the start and the end dialogue. World renowned Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin had a story that had conflict that needed to be told, says the Director of his recent documentary on the dancer. It took 4 years for the story to unfold, as he himself was a little resonant at first. Aren't we all???? It takes time to trust. I love that not only is he strong and dedicated but he is soft and highlights instinct being the one thing you can trust - just is overruling now... No truer words. Beautiful. We may look to Tantra again, that says we must understand that life on this earth brings mixed experiences to which we must apply a measure of dispassionate, patient acceptance and self - discipline. Fearful avoidance of what we think are negative experiences merely reinforces the very attitude - an indication with a limited body-mind that breeds negative experience. However, blind attachment to what we consider positive experiences merely creates another bind by which we persist in our state of unenlightenment. Therefore, can you meet somewhere in the middle, go beyond the traditional stance of the cool, underrated observer of all our experiences and become the more refined witness that observer and observed are not ultimately distinct. All life experiences are the play of the same One. All experiences either positive or negative, are embedded with absolute joy, the great delight of Reality. Enjoy the liberating insight that all this is not occurring to us but within our larger being. 

Offer it all to the divine.

Namaste. x