Shoes on ... The Track of Sand... What are your dreams?

Step in to your shoes and dream endlessly!

As I sit here on Monday morning after an incredibbbbllllllleeeee weekend of Yoga training ...

I feel like I could fly.

What a crazy week of shifting energies in fact. With the full moon last week I was flying high in a chaotic and pure directional way (and not sleeping much), I felt the very dangerous adrenals kicking in and the run off coffee even began. Not so Yogic I know, but in actual fact, I find coffee to be incredibly medicinal at times. Like anything, if used at a time that it in fact compliments your bodies needs and nourishes you, do it.

Do life in that way! This could be doing things that may seem radical, but that in fact help us to grow and see beyond our everyday reality that at times, lets admit, can seem rhythmic, yet stagnant and we feel the need to break the mould, to create a shift. To walk.

It is all about experiences. This can be getting out of the house and doing something out of the ordinary or for some of us, just getting out of the house on our own and walking is enough to create space. But it can also be sitting on your mat and tuning in to your thoughts. Learning to sit and develop the art of one pointed concentration, in yoga this is known as Dharma. It is being able to sit in discomfort, to process the thoughts, to feel it and to NOT WALK AWAY but walk towards them! Taking short moments of this creates MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SPACE AND NEW THINKING!!!!! 

What we may also consider is what occurs when we move our bodies out of our comfort zone (literally).... 

So, if you take the option to get out of the comfort of your home as a motivation this week... Do a little walking meditation to the cinema... I watched the film Endless Poetry last week and it was transformative in developing my understanding of my connections between visuals/ art and spirituality at present) ...... How magical I find it to be inspired visually and the affect that can have in my internal state of mind. How it lifts life from what our eyes can see, in to a realm of possibility and connects us back to knowing that everything is inseparable and that the world, this planet, nature, the universe and life beyond, is far out and when one may become stuck in one way of thinking, doing, seeing, it teaches us the art of imagination. If we imagine life beyond this, that, yours, mine, we can create ambitions and aspire to much more. Our minds and our imaginations are moving at every minute, at every second of every day.

DANGER DANGER DANGER. Do we need more?!!!! In actual fact - no! We need nothing more than our spirit and to take care of this body that hold us right now. That is THE MORE. More open-mindedness, more freedom, more space and expansiveness in us - Compassion!!!!! Infinite bliss in knowing that life can look externally like anything. Internally it can look like the worlds best mind map you could ever wish to sketch out, but in finding inspiration comes clarity, and in that, we find our own state of unrecognisable possibilities in our minds and we may live it! Live the stunning and endless beauty of our wildest dreams and find the gratitude of being able to do this by simply being present, no matter how your external world looks. Don't forget we can endlessly decorate the world around us, but here we have us - going no where and this magical and beautiful art lives within. 

So back to Endless Poetry... (even the title excites me as a metaphor to life)... That's what life can be - poetic!

This sums up the film... A tribute to Chile's artistic heritage, Endless Poetry is an ode to the quest for beauty and inner truth, as a universal force capable of changing one's life forever, written by a man who has dedicated his life and career to creating spiritual and artistic awareness across the globe.... What a man he is!!!!

Life is poetry and we are living poetically when we sleep too, IN OUR DREAMS, lets not forget that. 

I find that when I go to sleep, when my body is in a processing state (especially if I have eaten too late and it is still digesting), I have some very powerful dreams! Do you ever recognise that correlation? Well, the last two nights I have dreamt, what felt like very poignant and significant dreams. They both involved me in houses, moving from room to room, these were huge mazes and inside they held an eclectic mix of stuff, that didnt enable me to define whose houses they were. The houses were full of people of all sorts too - some of which I knew from both my past and my present.  One significant and vivid moment in one dream, was looking out of the window and seeing a horse sleeping outside it. It was a courtyard and the ground was covered in large pebbles and the horse was lying down in a fetal position, with its head buried almost in the pebbles. Its skin was silky and shiny, a deep brown colour and its stomach was rising and falling as he (it felt like a male) breathed in and out. In that moment, the chaos of the dream stopped completely. As I turned away from gazing in amazement at the horse wondering why and how he was there and if he was ok, back in to the room, I continued my searching and moving around the house. I think, I was myself seeking a room to sleep in, but I can't be sure of the storyline, it is just the visuals that remain in my mind still two days later.

The other dream was me trying to get in to a Festival site (my homeland) and I was in a different house which was in the village where the festival was held (bearing some resemblance to the actual site I know well). Directly opposite the farm where it operates from, I was waiting, waiting, wondering and waiting for my best friends to 'arrive' I think, and yet, I was pondering my next move and anxious a little. When I finally attempted the move towards the field, the walk felt endless, I met endless characters along the way, the sky was turning rapidly from day to night, the weather was ever-changing and my senses of sound and smell were super heightened. I moved through the grounds like I was hovering above the ground and again like dream 1, I had no place to rest. My attempts to take a tent failed and I nomadically felt no bother in witnessing that therefore I was alone, yet completely not alone surrounded by eccentric people this time, wondering around with no specific place to land in at the end of my adventures around the magical site, yet experiencing the wonder of it all. It felt like I was seeking out someone or something yet nothing at all. Taking it all in, deep in. I then saw a man on a horse! (Another horse!!!!). At this moment in the dream there occurred another pause, but this time more like a slow motion and his colour was more vibrant than the rest of the festival world around me. I felt as though I was waking up and in fact, wasn't asleep at all. Lucid dreaming perhaps. The man I knew and recognised and it felt incredibly significant, yet we just stared at each other and he rode on towards me in slower motion than reality. The rest of the dream is a blur. Maybe I awoke, there was no ending! It was ENDLESS. 

What was strange (and not strange at all as I wonder why I am surprised when these things happen, as they seem to happen continually in one way or another) is that in the morning after my first dream, I told it to my beloved Yoga teacher and she said, "well Lucy last night I was reading my book 'The Track of Sand' by Andrea Camilleri and the man within it looked out of his window and saw a sleeping (or dead) horse!!!!!!!" 

W T ****. YES!!!! Syncronicities are everywhere. If we share, see the connections arrive!!!!!!!!! Pay attention. 

Why did I tell you my dreams? Well.... I looked up their meanings... (If any of you have knowledge in dream meanings, do get in contact as I am passionate about how the mind works in sleep state and would love to know more)... and what my very little internet searching revealed is this....

A horse is a domesticated animal, and so represents urges and drives in ourselves we have learned to harness or direct and the horse can carry us and serve us in our labours very powerfully. The horse depicts or expresses pleasurable energy and exuberance, the sort of enthusiasm or feelings of well-being that can ‘carry’ one through the day easily; dynamic sexual drive; the physical energy and life processes that ‘carry’ us around. HOW FASCINATING EH!!!!! 

In his book Dreams and Dreaming, Norman MacKenzie says the horse ‘… is dynamic power and a means of locomotion; it carries one away like a surge or instinct. It is subject to panics like all instinctive creatures which lack higher consciousness. Also it has to do with sorcery and magic spells, especially the black, night horse, which heralds death.’ In a woman’s dream the horse can sometimes represent her relationship with a man and the power and strength she gets from that.

Our dream horse can be a wonderful guide and mirror for us. 

And apparently, this is the meaning of a dark skinned horse.... Unaccepted passions; threat of death. The unknown parts of your tremendous energy arising out of unconscious processes. The dream horse represents the very long history we have had with horses, through peace and terrible wars there are very long associations we have with them. It shares all that with us and so can be realisations emerging from our long past. Or it can represent threatening changes. 

The man I dreamt about riding towards me was on a white horse... A man on a horse can sometimes signify a messenger or a message. A white horse may represent changing sexual drive into love and wider awareness; a meeting with expanded awareness of yourself.

We therefore might summarise my dream like this... 

The horse may be portraying feelings for a man, but also that motivating and active power in myself? The dream shows how easy and integrated I may be with this.

Maybe the dream brought a glimpse of something much bigger than my own life. Maybe it touched the amazing flow of the energy behind the human race in its infinity of forms. Perhaps just lightly I experienced cosmic consciousness, the state of awareness that transcends ones own limitations of body and mind.

Maybe the second dream had elements of competitive drive we feel as humans, and the struggle to know where we stand in relationship with others and the mass of other people we exist within. Idioms: Back the wrong horse; from the horse’s mouth; don’t look a gift horse in the mouth; horse sense; you can lead a horse to water; wild horses; workhorse; horsing about; getting on your high horse; eat like a horse; back the wrong horse; beating a dead horse. (This could be spiritual life in dreams)  The post I found this info on says, these are Useful Questions and Hints: What is your relationship with the horse and what does this say about how you relate to your own motivating and energising drives? Where is the horse taking you, or where are you directing the horse – this gives you clues to your direction in life? Is the horse decidedly male or female – if so is there a connection with how you are relating to someone or yourself? 

I guess we may all use these questions - horse or not, to apply to our own conscious or unconscious state and the connections we make to our own life, dream state or not. THIS IS ALL MIND BLOWING IF YOU BELIEVE IT, that is our choice as individuals. I won't bombard you with the science of dreaming in this blog post. What i am driven to know though is this... 

WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS???????? I' d love to know more about the minds of others, especially you wonderful Yogis!!!!!

I have been listening to lots of audio tapes recently on the mind and I held a powerful meditation practice with a group of my peers on Tonglen Meditation this weekend.  What it highlighted was... 

we all have very different internal thoughts and processes and we each have things we wish to manifest in to our external presentation of our state of mind and by simply offering a space for people to connect with their inner connections and thoughts of discomfort and/or pain, and then inviting them to send these back out as positive affirmations that they wish to translate in to the world beyond themselves, as a selfless act of compassion, was uplifting and reaffirming!!!!!  To see and hear how each and everyone of us holds the complete power to move away from the self and in to a state of giving back life for the benefit of all humans in the world!!!!!!! How we can translate our inner torments to positive change. Woo hoo!!!!!!!! It is the ultimate!!!!

One student told me how after the meditation she felt so open to life and in her words said 'imagine if everyone did this in the world, what a wonderful place it would be'. YES!!!!!!! I felt like an activist for positive change and how this was a mission we could each add to our list of aspirations. If each and every day we took time to process our thoughts and transform the negative, by not running from it, but feeling in to it (it is a challenge to face it and breath it in) but if and when we felt this, we could then process and transform it to compassion, by saying to ourselves 'I feel what it feels to feel this... (whatever that discomfort may be) ...may all others that feel this know that this is feeling in to humanity and may I feel this so others may not have to'.  Let your thoughts send out positive change! Think of the energy that would be present around us!!!! 

To wear your own shoes, knowing what it feels like for others to wear them too and then to pierce the hearts of all humanity by simply walking with power, strength and courage so others may continue their walk through life feeling loved and with meaning, each step in turn sending back out a positive affirmation with compassion - it would be blooming marvellous. THAT IS MY DREAM! 

I attempt to take action in this way, as best that I can, and not always succeeding, but by literally sitting in my own seat of discomfort day in and day out and the sending back out positivity gives me that floating feeling when I walk through my reality, knowing courage is alive. We have a responsibility to the future of all humanity and that feels like a complete honour. This action can be a challenge and yet so simple, but maybe for now...

What do your pair of shoes look like? As you take step by step through your daily life, can you turn around and feel your foot step upon yourself? Can you have courage to feel the discomfort of the heels piercing your skin and then, can you step off your own track, and stride confidently on to the urban landscape you live in with a lightness that brings pleasure to all...


Poetry in your body, YOU yes YOU HAVE got it in you in every way. Feel my rhythm in your system, Feel the beat in your chest, Free the beast from its cage. Your body poetry, speaks to me, wont you let me be your rhythm tonight. I wanna be your muse, let me be your rhthym tonight sings SIA. 


The asana Savasana... lets embrace it as Yogas most significant asana as we end our practice this week. Resting with our infinite peace of mind. It is ENDLESS POETRY.  

I found this today... the lyrics and her moving around reminded me of my actual dreams (without the horse :) ... another funny little synchronicity... enjoy, she's great! 

See you in class!!!!!!

Namaste. x