Endless and Unlimited Possibilities...

Its 2017! Happy 1 year old Yoga i-D Blog! I went live with this blog one year ago and I am grateful for this platform to write openly and creatively and share this with any one of you that enjoys the read. What I love the most is the opportunity to be openhearted and authentic in my expression here. The internet is wonderful for this right? 

Class is recommencing in Bristol next Tuesday 10th January 2017 19:30-21:00 at Matter Wholefoods BS5, and watch out for a few NEW CLASSES to be announced soon and yet, how will; you spend this week? YOU have the itch, the desire and the need to get back on your mat, move away the xmas indulgences and re-ignite that inner fire and sense of wellbeing. Is there a rush or can you slow it down and move gradually in to the new year????

Well, I invite you in to the SILENCE. 



I have enjoyed a very powerful xmas and New Year filled with family, friends, loved ones and little ones and what I have done in between it all is meditate. I have rediscovered its pure benefit to me to actually just sit in complete inner silence and observe where my mind is in all of the external chaos and what gratitude I feel towards this practice. The ability we all have to sit and bring ourselves in to a realtionshoip with reality that is so ultimate, nothing else can describe it. I too have been journalling and studying the work of various texts, yet today the words of Thomas Keating resonate the most. I watched a superb documentary about his life and connection with spirituality and found it to be totally honest and inspirational. As he describes, just by the very nature of coming down the birth canal, we are on a spiritual journey. 





Begin to become turned on by the possibiltles of connecting with the ultimate divine that lives within you. The one that holds no judgement and has complete clarity on your needs. 

Contemplation is the growing consciousness with a relationship with life concepts and the connections with it. If you want to understand fully, you may enter your inner room. Look inwardly. Shift your ideas. Allow to be loved and to fall in love with the divine.

What is your perspective and purpose? What will you sacrifice to pursue your beliefs? Can you simply live here and now? 

I invite you to create a statement that communicates your personal deep spiritual conviction. Are there any wise words you may offer yourself? 

The words that I lived by all of last year were from one of my very dearest soul mates... "Don't Deny Yourself"

These words took me to higher places that I could have ever imagined to have allowed myself to go last year and this year they still ring true, yet my needs and connections towards the divine have altered and this year my words are being redefined. What I do know is that the silence is helping to gain that clarity and make sense of the unknown, That unknown and flow is incredibly present, yet with so much drive and focus working in tandem and ultimately trusting what life presents - it's so beautiful. 

The Romance of life.

Separation, Suffering. Strength.

This is the process of where we change our views on the trials and tribulations that present themselves. 

Silence in the contemplative experience is your tool to begin to assess the interior levels of our great experience. In silence, we hear it - the union.

Spend your time well. Be at peace with the quiet. 


"Vulnerability means to be hurt over and over again, without seeking to love less, but more" says Thomas Keating.

Growth is the ultimate outcome. 

New awareness.

This opens endless and unlimited possibilities!!!! Everything created is a way to the creator, the divine is hiding in everything but is present at the same time. Quantum science shows us everything is interconnected and still expanding. Its the vibtations we must observe. All our actions depend on it. Everything is emerging at every moment!!! Nothing matters except that moment. This is reality! The destiny. 

When we meditate we take a break from ourselves and our concerns. It is a gesture of turning towards something greater than ourselves. Resting with a presence that just is. Allowing the divine to flow, to flow in us. It is a practical way of cultivating the inner silence, on a deep level, deeper than consciousness itself. In doing so, you may establish your intention to enter the spiritual essence of yourself, in your being. It exposes the good and the bad, the inmost being, essential for processing and reaffirming how the mind and body reactions influence your judgement and choices in daily life.  

If opportunities are being constantly created for us by the divine, god, the universe (whatever your name for this grand powerful force is), bearing in mind this is a universal language and practice that holds no attachment to beliefs, religious or faith of any kind... the divine intelligence accepts everything we choose to do, without any judgement, therefore all we must do is simply consent to the presence that is already within us and take action that is motivated by that love that is unlimited. 

"If one completes the journey to ones heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else." - Thomas Keating. 

We could say that Human development and psychology is purely about spirituality and that meditation changes your everyday perspective and breeds compassion towards yourself and others. Including seeing and dealing with your shadows, a concept that we hear discussed a lot in present times. It holds a oneness that transcends all difference and breathes out love. 

Everything is a manifestation of the source, from the womb of the divine, evolution is the birth canal in to divine life itself. 

Thomas Keating was described as a man that 'did not say a word that was not true to himself first'. I loved that statement about one man. How incredible that one can live with such truth. He believed that we can become happier by the mistakes we make, as everyday we are only just beginning and we can never wish to change anything.

Silence is our first language, consent to the silence. 

We are dealing with an infinite intelligance. It is a relationship that has a spontaneity that weaves its way in to everything and sees the good in everything. 






Super looking forward to seeing you all back in class next week!!!!!! 

Namaste i-D Yogis of 2017!!!!!!