Be in ACTION & obtain FREEDOM!

"No- one can gain perfection, while obtaining from work. Indeed, there is no one who rests for even an instant. All creatures are driven to action by their own nature. Those who obstain from action by allowing their mind to dwell on sensual pleasure, can not be called sincere spiritual aspirants. but they excel control the senses through the mind, using them for selfless service. Fulfil all your duties. Action is better than in-action... Even to maintain your body you are obliged to act. Selfish actions imprisons the world. Act selflessly without any thought of personal profit." - Bhagavad Gita. 

So ALL, this weeks Blog is focused on TAKING ACTION! 

In class, we will explore this through the strategies and capabilities we need in our minds and body to take action in a self nourishing way, to create strength and flexibility that in turn creates space and ultimately more freedom in the self. 

'Karma yoga is the active path of selfless service. One who shirks action, can not obtain freedom.'

Following class this week... ON SUNDAY 5TH MARCH (THIS WEEKEND) is another opportunity for you make an ACTION and COME and take part in this local BRISTOL YOGA CHALLENGE, LIVE MUSIC AND MINI MARKET....

Check out the YOGA STOPS TRAFFICK BRISTOL event promo here:

A video reminder of HOW TO DO A SUN SALUTATION here:

The wonderful Tim Chalice will be performing Live Harmonium and Chanting, during the Sun Salutations, check him out here:

PLUS, at 12.30 we will have a SPECIAL LIVE PERFORMANCE of Sitar and Tabla drumming!!!! by Jack Jennings and Jeevan Singh from RSVP. 

This performance is taking place within the Mini Market, which is on from 10-2pm, so come along to listen, buy Mr Teas Chai Tea, Sweetmart Samosas, Raw Chocolate Energy Balls, jazzy leggings, crop tops, waistcoats from Madwag, jewellery from Indiga Ethnik and much, much more. Even grab yourself a massage from Rest Awhile.

Phew! Its gonna be good!

To guarantee a space on a mat for the Yoga challenge- BOOK YOUR PLACE: 

CANT MAKE IT? Use the eventbrite link to donate or bring cash to class and ill collect funds at the end of class this week.

See you in class and/ or see you Sunday!