Girl on an island... i'll meet you there.

"There is a place where we one day will delve, where there is no more walking on egg shells. Where the canvas is bear and there is no more repair. I'll see you there" Alice Phoebe Lou.

Its coming.... 

So what happened to you after the full moon? Was there any insight? What did you take from Last weeks blog post?

Well... I had a birthday. It was fun. It was wild. It was insightful. It was reality as it was and it was like a blurry dream too. I felt very grateful. It is interesting to map these milestones and acknowledge how as that year passes from one to the next, many things change, yet some things never change. 

What I learnt, upon reflection this year, was that everything comes to us because its either a lesson or its because we attract it and create it. It rang so true, like a bell in my ear when I realised this, again! Because creation is a marvellous thing, its a wondrous ability that we have.

What does the future hold? Like in the video from last week that I shared, its a question of our own power and how we use it, to hopefully have a positive influence in the world, yet how we also use that power for own desires and needs. What are you using your power for? What therefore are you creating for yourself?

It brought me to pick up Patanjali again and I immediately arrived at the Yoga Sutra known as Asteya, translated as "Non Stealing". It says this... 

"To one established in non-stealing, all wealth comes." - Patanjali Book 2.(37) 

If you want to become the richest person, practice non-stealing. Knowingly and unknowingly we are all thieves. We steal from nature, down to the simple fact that we breathe natures air. Rather than stop breathing and die, it is the way in which we receive the breath that is described as what matters. If we receive each and every breath with reverence for the benefit of not just ourselves, but others too, we are not stealing. Stealing arises because of greed. Patanjali acknowledges that we want to do very little and receive a lot in return. If you repeat that sentence to yourself, is that you?

"If we are completely free from stealing and greed, contented with what we have, and if we keep serene minds, all wealth comes to us. If we do not run after it, before long it runs after us. If nature knows we aren't greedy, she gains confidence in us, knowing we will never hold her for ourselves."

This Yoga Sutra decribes how we all have the tendency to get something and then lock it up, whether that be passions or people. I love the way it is told by the story of how money was created round. It is round because it wants the freedom to roll and have freedom by rolling away if it needs to. By locking it up, it cries out "please, someone release me" and this cry invites a robber to come and save it by stealing. 

What all this is saying is that if you have the attitude: "if you want to come, come; when you want to go, go" the response may be, why do you push me away? Let me stay with you. Don't send me away." 

Maybe all of us have experienced this at times. Yet it is so refreshing. Why not do this everyday. They say often to watch what stays is the absolute blessings in your life. Be observant to what stays for you. Live in freedom and offer others to do the same, possessions, money, work. It all applies. 

Lack of trust and fear stops us from doing this act of inviting things to go and be free, and the kleshas play a part too. The need to cling to life, people, things.

Offer freedom!

The whole worlds economy is based on the other act of stealing where we stop others from using what we have, even if we have an abundance and they have none. We teach our children about sharing but as humans evolve, this lesson is often not learnt. Yet if we know how to care and share, it is said that no poverty or hunger need exist. It's true! 

So this takes us to the moon...

There is a beautiful analogy that Patanjali uses, he says,

"We can all ride to the moon. Yet, Q. When should we ride to the moon? A. When the earth is happy. People who don't know how to live here will end up taking their small hell to the moon."

Think about it. We have even move around the earth a million times, yet you take yourself with you, right. It is incredibly powerful to read and acknowledge this. 

At this particular moment for me, it resonates because I believe that we have patterns too. Like the stars in the sky. And sometimes things present themselves in a certain way, just maybe, so we have the opportunity to do it different this time around. But patterns are wonderful and patterns are hard to break. Patterns involve change, as a wonderful friend acknowledged all of this very wisely to me one hazy morning, change is hard for most of us. It is hard to see our pattern sometimes. It is hard to see our behaviour too. But when we do, maybe because someone else even points it out to us, is an opportunity for change, for growth. 

It requires patience and forgiveness. Both of others and of ourselves. 

"What I have i'll share with you. What you have, share with me. Let's forget this enmity and be together."

What I am learning is that, the only way to do things is with absolute honesty. It's high time to get rid of anxiety. One can not live long under such tension. 

Richness has nothing to do with momentary wealth. The richest person is the one with the cool mind, free of tension and anxiety. What we can use our power for is the ability to find joy and peace right here and now. How do we do it? By living in the present. Be happy in situations of tension, because we have decided to be happy. WE HAVE DECIDED TO BE HAPPY. Its a choice! Do not worry for the future. The whole earth could explode in a second. be free, be in the present.

"Do not worry about the past. It has already gone. To be happy this minute is in our hands."

We can change ourselves, our perspective and our actions and feel free as a bird. We can be serene and in that, make others more tranquil. Plague the world with Joy! 

"A carefree life is possible only with well-controlled mind, one that is free of anxiety, one without personal desires or possessions."

To end, i loved the lyrics from the video i shared last week...

"There is a place where we one day will delve, where there is no more walking on egg shells. Where the canvas is bear and there is no more repair. I'll see you there"

See you in class folks.