The Dog Days are over... Life is precious and you hold the power!

A celebration of life and its powerful energy... give it away and it will come back!  

This weekend I spent the whole weekend celebrating birthdays, weddings, love and community. It was profound. I try to never take life for granted and fully live life and then we get reminded through loss, through expectation, how precious it is and how important it is to understand how you wish to live. Life can be taken away in a moment, life can be full of wonder, life can be unclear...

It led me to listen to a little of Alan Watts again... His words resonate, as essentially while we live we are navigating our way through the 'Want do I want from life?' question. He expresses thoughts far better than me so have a listen... 

'I don't know' is the same thing as I love. I let go. I don't try to force or control. It's the same thing as humility. 

He gives reference to the Upanishads, ancient Yoga texts that are like poetry. Giving us beautiful understandings to Yoga off the mat.

So do you you really know what you want? Do you have it? Can you ever know? I don't know. 

You loose the divine energy when you simply defend yourself - so the principle is, the more you give it away, it comes back. 

We are all in a process of constant death, in decay and so on... this decay is the great assistance to you. It is your helper, as Alan says.

You don't have to let go, because there is nothing to hold on to. It is achieved for you from the process of nature. If you really get with that, suddenly you find you have the power, huge energy. The power comes not because you grabbed it, but because this is the cycle of life - and that can be trusted. Trust it.  

In honour of life, breathing, living and all on this same journey of the unknown, attempting to navigate our way. We will keep the devotional aspect of last weeks practice, drawing the senses inwards and we will move our bodies towards finding this power that we can trust within. 


The Dog Days are over! Trust in your deep knowing and find that you have the power!