I'm a one way motorway, I'm a new day rising

Tonight, I am going to share with you these wonderful lyrics, as I cant say it any better than these words can... it's the summer! It is here! And transformation is happening in every moment. Take a listen to this. 

It's times like these, time and time again. It is times like these that we learn.... 

At the weekend a friend shared his wisdom with me,

"A lazy man, or woman, works harder."

Isn't it wonderful - Repeat. Sit with it. And let it resonate with you. Time and time again. 

Are you ready to remove those Kleshas (obstacles), feel in to your subtle energy body and move that physical body in to new dimensions. Are you ready To Learn. To Love. Again and again and again. Connectivity, truly, is a wonderful thing.

Through your yoga practice, enable your connections in your self help to make your summer come alive, in this time, in each and every moment. Time and time again. 

See you in Class.

Yoga i-D Tuesday PM 19:30-21:00 Matter Wholefoods, BS5