peace and unity

I'm searching to find
A love that lasts all time
I've just got to find
Peace and unity…


Releasing the pressure.

I have had the pleasure of being at Camp Bestival this weekend. In actual truth, the festival itself was not my cuppa tea, but I was with my tribe and some of the beautiful Bristol and Glastonbury community that I adore, so it was very enriching. The only music I watched, was these Leftfield legends below and the nostalgia that came flooding back was so vibrant. I particularly love this track, as the lyrics are so powerful and they feel so timely! 


I've got to stand and fight
In this creation
Vanity I know
Can't guide I alone

I'm searching to find
A love that lasts all time
I've just got to find
Peace and unity

I've got to stand and fight
In this creation
Vanity I know
Can't guide I alone

I'm searching to find
A love that lasts all time
I've just got to find
Peace and unity

Can you feel it?
Release the pressure!
Can you hear it?
Peace and unity.

Build's got this to keep your funky dance sway (eh-heh)
Why your laws have left me
Out of the king and out of the rain
Transalt movement is takin' over

Am I inferior? are!


ARE YOU INFERIOR?! Can you hear it/ feel it?

It made me reconnect with music (always) and how it can be both so uplifting (we all know this of course), yet it can also be timeless. The lyrics and the beats. They can represent a place in time so vividly and yet when done so well, can also hold the same resonance moments, years and even decades later! So what is going on in the World here and now and why is this so?! How does it relate back to Yoga?! 

'Time and originality'. These are a powerful combination. I have this intense feeling in  my bones a lot, at the moment, that time is nothing and everything. Originality is authenticity. At times I rush and at other times I flow. Why? Sometimes I conform, but mostly I seek alternatives - why?

I have the haze of the festival running through my veins, where the mundane tasks of urban house living seems very much a zero priority and the pace is sllllooooooowwwwww and life return to 'normal'. Yet, I have this unbelievable desire and an activist sense of inspiration flooding in. The need to create change, to recreate, to achieve, in many aspects of the day to day life stuff and that feels iminent. What a contradiction. 

"Sonically we're in control. Be the diamond in your soul. Images come thick and fast. From the future, from the past." - Leftfield.

Your original, lead your own path. Your original.... 

Left field reminded me of originality and led me to more current artists and this video again, which I love for its blatant statementS. No more drama! I love her. She is full on! She is original. I like that. I feel the "outcasts against the world" vibe at the moment. Like life and the way we connect with living it conventionally, doesn't make any sense. Like, why should we go about accepting things as they are? What are these day to day life duties, bided by waking and sleeping anyway?!

These thoughts and the exploration of lyrics to express thoughts and feelings the hearing, the feeling, the seeing, the actioning... led me on to another of MIA'S videos... (strong language)

But what are we representing?!!! In your life - what are you representing? Are you a lone solider - your values? Your beliefs? Your families? The picture? Your boy/ girl?? Freedom? Power? The system.

I feel passionate about asking you all these exact questions????? As, I saw people getting off their faces, at what was essentially a family festival. It was direct escapism. It was carnage. We've all done it. But what's up with that?! Where are we? Are we connected? Is this a positive thing? There was branding everywhere through sponsorship, there was all the things one would ask for at the festival, yet like it was ticking a box, as opposed to thought and care in placing things in the right place for it to be an enhanced experience for all. The healing fields had hair straighteners in, no herbal tea on offer and was overpowered by the noise pollution of the loud vibing music. These are a couple pure observations, that simply baffled me. I didnt get the whole event. What it was offering?! What it was representing? Was it directly representing the mainstream cultural desires or is it trying to just be something that has music, check, has food, check, is in a field, check, people can party, check, throw in some healing vibes, check, and hey presto - its fun and we can call it a festival!???? 

I am uncertain as to what all this says about us all. The world that we live in. The way we choose to have pleasure and spend our time. 

I spent my time mostly in the healing fields and simply embracing fresh air, but it was because of my direct aversion to what else I was seeing around me. (I am only human and of course like to go crazy now and then) but I was intrigued - beyond that, in fact. At why?!!! What we do and why?

(Like the sages that retreated in to the forests to question consciousness and compiled The Upanishads - I am feeling this today. I am feeling like questioning the world around me.)

 What are humans representing currently? 

I find myself back here in Bristol, having retired to this urban jungle and wondering what is it all about when so far removed now from the earth elements and in four walls again. I have been reading a lot about 'awareness' this month, as a friend lent me a text and once again I have been intrigued to explore his pursuits and see how these readings resonate with my own exploration and life practice in Yoga.

I too have been taking more time to particularly watch the improv singing and dancing of my daughter and the lyrics she comes out with. It's been incredible when you truly listen and reflect. She is talking about 'i don't wanna play the bills'... 'i wanna see the sunshine, I wanna dance and sing'. Wow! She told her little brother that his old sword was bad because it was made of plastic and that his new dagger was great because it was wooden and he could use it to fight baddies. Wow!!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!!

What the f*** am I waffling on about this week I hear you say. Well...

"If you like what I am - you should stop trying to make more of me" - MIA. 

This comment in an interview is one of my favourite quotes, currently, from you guessed it - MIA, the lady in question.

I am feeling like this is a transitional period for people all over the World. I guess, I am reconnecting with my own 'artist' self and my art of living, my Yoga and my truth. I am trying to make sense of how to be here in the word, making connections and manifesting positive change. I try to make sense of life a lot, I always have done, call me an 'outcast' if you like - someone that doesn't just accept life as my eyes see before me. I now have the tools of my yoga practice to stay connected and find the unity, yet sometimes we cant find it and we ask ourselves, what am I looking for anyway. Why am I here? We get drawn to certain archetypes, people, things at different times. 

SO who is MIA and Why am I drawn to her today???

I found out that her namesake is from hindu goddess Matangi. She represents the outcasts, the underprivileged, and the untouchables.

Matangi is the goddess of music, spoken word and freedom of speech.

And MIA truly invokes and uses these powers it seems... MIA directed the video Borders herself and this became an incredibly controversial video, as it simply represents Reality! She represents reality! She is a popstar and she uses that gift to spread a message to the world. She believes that it takes sometimes striking images for us to see reality and reflect upon what is happening.  This video and many of her songs and videos, highlight how fear and hate can be fed to us and how important it is to look at the positives. How 'Multiculturalism' as an example, can do so much for creativity and community and that...

todays 'outsider' may have the answer for tomorrow.

She herself came as a refugee when she was 10 in the mid 80's from Sri Lanka. Today she is a successful political musician, that is actively fighting for the rights of the Tamil Independence movement. 

What I LOVE THE MOST about her is that in an interview she describes how her label said she could have it all, her ideas, her styling, her videos, her collaborators and so on, but that she had to let her voice, her opinions about the world, essentially, go! But she will not! 

SO THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER, AGAIN! Because she dosent accept things just as they are. She is fighting for peace and unity. For justice. For a better world. In this time, she is being original!

I powerfully feel this - we all have the power to be true to you and to make a difference. You don't have to have the namesake of a goddess. You can choose to work out what you are representing and live it!!!!!! 


I've got to stand and fight in this creation.


The Yantra of Matangi

The Yantra of Matangi

Matangi is one of the Mahavidyas, ten Tantric goddesses and a ferocious aspect of Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother. She is considered to be the Tantric form of Sarasvati, the goddess of music and learning. Like Sarasvati, Matangi governs speech, music, knowledge and the arts. Her worship is prescribed to acquire supernatural powers, especially gaining control over enemies, attracting people to oneself, acquiring mastery over the arts and gaining supreme knowledge.

The Mahavidyas (I guess like the variations of human beings) are said to all be different expressions of the same goddess, who take on different forms for the needs of her devotees. Matangi resides in the Throat Chakra and is radiant like the Moon. She is called upon to receive command over speech, creativity and knowledge. Matangi is also often referred to as the elephant power, who is in charge of restoring peace, calm, and prosperity after the terror of the night.


In yoga this week, we will explore what YOU represent. Your voice. Your human - being.  Come walk with me, breathe and move around to then ignite those 'super' human powers you hold!  



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