Live, swirl and return to centre. Time is not a given.

"The beauty of truth is that you don't have to change your life. You change how you live your life. Death is a great teacher - but who lives with that level of awareness?" - The Untethered Soul.

It can teach us to look at how much time and energy that we put in to things that we 'Think' we need and it can ask us - what are you doing with your life?

Every moment matters. 

It is not so much what you are doing but how much of you is doing it. Be here and now. Be willing to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. Be fully present not worrying about the next moment.

Become bolder and more open.

"The only thing to get from Life is the growth that comes from experiencing it. Your interaction with life is your most meaningful relationship."

I was struggling recently with the subsets of life that you can easily get swept away with thinking is it, and then hit the wall of wondering what the meaning of life is?! It is a brick solid wall when you try to intellectualise it. The only option is to surrender and release the expectation and the fear of life and in fact the fear of death and to actually begin to contemplate that the meaning of life is the willingness to live it. That it is not a particular thing, event, person, formula, but it is the willingness to experience life events, people and the things that arise. The inevitable is death. So therefore why continue to deny it and why not begin to live presently in every moment. Embracing it. Fully! Soak it up and make choices to be experiencing whatever it is as if it will never happen again. 

This is where caution appears, as life does not need to become the cliche living it to the full. Far from it. It is about fully, completely and totally embracing life just as it is. Not to fulfil all the wants, wishes and desires that you suppress. But to see the beauty that is right before us. It is precious. It only lasts a lifetime and we do not know how long that will be. How could you ever know.

I have had a few experiences recently, where in my actual day to day and interactions with others, you can do nothing but hold this understanding deep in your own heart and you can not convince another to do the same, because all of it is a choice. I'd have loved to just say 'STOP FIGHTING HEAD AND HEART AND JUST LIVE, DO, ENJOY THE HERE AND NOW". But thats impossible. As inevitably we all try and mould our existence and gain the maximum from it. I guess we are all just experiencing and then concluding as we go as to what we want, the way we want to live and so on. Putting this all in to practice is the tricky part. We could all devote our lives to the study and the full embrace of this, however we would then be denying ourselves of the rich experiences that day to day life brings in so many ways. I choose to live here and now in the thick of reality and see the richness, the beauty and the learnings that come with that, each and everyday. It may not look cool. it may not be easy, it may restrict the ambitions fully being realised - but does it?! Or does it in fact bring more to the table than one could ever wish for. As we are individuals, yes, but are we separate and is our life defined by these things or can we move deeper in to spirit and fully transform the way we live by doing so?

Pay attention. Let each experience be whole and complete.

Let there be more depth in the experience in the time that you are given. Things are temporary and just passing through time and space, so while they are there, let them fill you. If the experience isn't pleasant, understand that it will pass and be grateful to still be here and now. 

So, picture the pendulum swinging... The yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, the expansion and contraction, bonding and doing, hot and cold.... Everything has two extremes and we can not be just one way or another. Life keeps moving. The pendulum keeps swinging when we live this way.

'The Tao' is the centre! Where your energies are centred, not pushing or pulling in either direction. It is in the middle. This middle place is peaceful, the forces that exist here are balanced and quiet. There is not conflict. There are no extremes. All the opposing extremes are woven in harmony to find its own centre point in each individual circumstance. When you stop swinging between the opposites you find you have so much more energy to remain on the central road. Focused. Content. Living here and now and seeing what happens. The extremes have effects on you and these can also come from the lack of ability of others to honour the middle way and be swinging from one way to another or being so rigid that they are unable to sit on the centre point and let the gift of life present itself. These are imbalanced behaviour patterns. We see them if we examine the extremes. When you try to maintain the extremes nothing moves forward, nothing can grow, it becomes a waste of time and energy- it is exhausting. 

You may use the effort that goes in to the extremes to more productive aspects of life. Leave the extremes and the pendulum will come to an equal rhythm and a place of calm. That is all. Do not participate any longer and the pendulum stop and you will be filled with energy.

The power is its emptiness.The swirl of life draws its energy from the centre and the centre draws its energy from the swirl of life.

The centre is dynamic and fluid, not static. It is finding balances by moving from point to point as life moves and that is its beauty. It is free. It is effortless and it is calm. You must find the ability to feel life, not try and see life. You can never see what is about to happen, you can stay in touch by feeling your way, feeling in to the extremes and staying in contact so you can stay in balance, centred.

A direct experience. 

Let your spirit drift upwards by letting go of the lower vibrations that hold you down. Feel more spacious inside and let there be distance between you, your thoughts and emotions. Connect deeper inside of you and not the external self. Trust fully the flow of pure energy. Taking you to the deep vibrations within, connected more with spirit than with form. 

Get high! Higher in love, openess, beauty and appreciation. 

Spirit becomes your state. You drop back so far from the consciousness you have that knows only itself as an individual, to the individual consciousness falling in to Universal Oneness.

Love means, loving someone or something more than you love yourself. This is divine, transcendental love, unconditional and selfless love. 

So live, do not fear death, be here and now and move in the spiral of life back to centre, time and time again, til time comes to an end. Do not deny yourself the experience of life and whatever it presents. It is living.

Tonight in class, we will spiral and find our centre and rise up, whilst connecting deeper inside ourselves.

TUESDAY PM YOGA i-D 19:30-21:00 at Matter Wholefoods, BS5