Sit in the seat of the self.

"If we could calm our minds and get to the basis of all these modifications, we would find the unity among everything. That is the real Yogic life." - Patanjali, Book One Sutra 4.


The film above has inspired me beyond belief this week, as I spent the last 5 days in a field meditating, watching this in a solar cinema and having the privilege to explore the content in a Q & A, immersing myself in music, dance and total connectivity in all things, including discussing mindful communication and ancient stories for modern times.

Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950), a great teacher in the Yogic tradition, used to say that to attain inner freedom one must continuously and sincerely ask the question "Who am I?". Who sees when I see? Who hears when I hear? Who knows that I am aware? Who am i?

It's okay to just accept whatever arises for you in the here and now and realise it's never too late to welcome clarity and give yourself this permission to be who you are! 

This week on the mat, lets explore, get connected and realise the self. Get to know it. Autumn is here - lets find the unity. 

Namaste. x