Present in 'the hand of the heart'

To stay present we need to keep one aspect of ourselves firmly grounded. In hands on teaching and touch, this can be placing one hand still on the body, leaving the other hand free to move. Touch has the capacity for healing, we all need touch. This rooted hand that stays on us, is known as ‘the hand of the heart’.

If we look at this in many different ways, we could say, that this is a metaphor for life, inviting us to be touched and stay in the present moment. How we need to keep one part of ourselves fully in the present is through grounding in it, leaving the other aspects of the self open to the possibility of change and flexibility.

As Eckhart Tolle says, we then create a new earth, as we stay present, as it is, creating positive change in our lives, we grow to love the present.

I have been exploring hands on teaching over the past few weeks, looking at how it affects the anatomy and physiology of the body and it matters the quality of touch in the present moment, especially from the hand of the heart. To feel the grounding, it needs to be firm and with intention. This provides confidence and clarity, so that you may elicit and find freedom in the other part of the self and make adjustments needed towards a more whole self. Essentially, this is what we do in life, as we form subtle adjustments to our experience when grounded, we find space and freedom, and feel the sense of wholeness.

Regardless of the life that we choose to lead, rather than pacifying ourselves through stimulants that take us out of the present thought, feeling or emotion, we learn to self regulate, we learn to adjust ourselves in a subtle ways, staying solely present and connected with a heightened sense of awareness to our experience, at all times. This enables us to move our lifes direction in a way that is truthful to ourselves and those around us.

When we begin deconstructing our patterns of using things outside of ourselves to self regulate, we can begin to awaken to the potential to feel in to the present as it is. If we disconnect from that which we already know, the safe place of habit, the familiar place, this is okay. What we do is focus on bettering our connection to our true state of being, to our communication both in our relationships and with ourselves in the process. We are not responsible for changes in others around us, as they observe your Deconstruction taking place. Change is the only thing we can rely on. Change provokes fear. Change and vulnerability go hand in hand. So keep one hand on the heart, as you evolve.

This song was sent to me this week and I fell in love with it, as it only goes hand-in-hand with this somehow. When we get older, when we become wiser or when we wake up to what is needed to be done, we can also feel like we loose something, a sense of self or others. But what is lost is also gained. A talk last night around igniting the ‘childrens Fire’, affirmed that our wounds are a place of great insight and markings of having lived and move us to feel more and be more connected to every part of life.

Have a listen. I love the androgyny of the singer and the lyrics.

There is a podcast by Gabor Mate and Russel Brand, who discuss working with people that are Addicts and how their need to self regulate is achieved by drug-taking. For an addict to feel normal and adjust themselves through a substance to feel this way. Whereas, Yoga is the tool we can use to self regulate. This firstly begins by forming a deeper awareness to what needs to regulate, where the patterns are and what needs to change in us and humanity, the universe, to feel fully in your body in your life, in your heart.

What manifests in your body, in your life, in your heart, is that of imbalances when you’re unregulated and out of balance. This can show up as dis-ease in one way or another, believe me. On the mat, it shows up in the way we hold ourselves, protect the self, open ourselves through our movements, our breath and the way we simply be still or not.

This week in yoga we will explore making subtle adjustments, by keeping one part of ourselves fully grounded and present. Stripping it all back.