GRATITUDE brings boundless radiance...

So when we get ill its an amazing time where the body is actually presenting you a gift to rid the body of what it does not need and to empty out and start again. Becoming ill for me, was a way of the emotional energy to also release, purify and detox the body of the toxins that arose in harder times. It has been really helpful and transformative in knowing how our bodies are here to help. Not only that but at this time we have also been riding off the back of that super moon, eclipse and creeping towards Spring! 

Falling down is happening to many of us and I came down hard last week, but with taking in no food, lots of herbs and home remedies, it shifted just as quick as its come and already I feel lighter and brighter. This is also as the mind itself shifting too and when we allow ourselves to be the witness, we can observe all the ways that our body functions work to serve us on a mental and physical level, each and every day. 

So, this weeks yoga practice is one of gratitude. When i listen to this song it fills me up with joy, reflections of life and its qualities 

mother durga.jpg


Gratitude to the flow of nature in ourselves and all around us that carries us through, presents us with new ways to process life experiences and shift energy so we may continue on. Music is emotive and it has too been feeding me whilst overcoming illness and heartache and chanting is one way to call upon the inner strength and power you have within to simply accept and find freedom.

As we chant Jai Ma we are chanting to Goddess Mother Durga - she is one whom symbolises strength and power. The embodiment of knowledge, purity, self-realisation and truth. We are connecting with a supreme consciousness beyond space and time, one that is infinite. She is the divine feminine power that is not defeated by any man or woman. 

In sanskrit Durga translates to 'a place' that is protected. She is the protector to mankind from misery and destroys the forces that bring this to us such as jealousy, prejudice, selfishness, hatred, anger, and ego.

Illusion that underlies our material nature is lifted, anger, desire, greed, intoxication, delusion, arrogance of the ego and jealousy. Her light steers us through struggles we face at a soul level, helping us to work through and move beyond our individual karma. 

By honouring Durga we connect with Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the Cosmic heavens, recognising her as the Mother of all.

So this week, lets reclaim our own divine nature as one with Her boundless radiance that is all-pervasive. Strength, power, femininity, and freedom. 

See you in class,